Gatton Baby Photos | A 6 month old Master P!

Preston | Baby | Gatton | 3rd August 2011

Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching up with my BFF Rachel and her beautiful son Preston for a day of chit chat, girly gossip, good food and of course some playful photos with Preston. I can’t believe how time has passed. It only seems like yesterday I was up there visiting and photographing Preston as a newborn. Now he is a playful, noisy, smily boisterous little man with the most gorgeous blue eyes. (I am incredibly jealous! I have always wanted blue eyes!).

Rachel and I had so much fun interacting with Preston and getting him to smile. He really loves noises, singing and is trying his hardest to start crawling. I don’t think it is going to be long before he is off!

So here is a little sneak peak of my surrogate nephew. I feel so blessed to be surround by so many gorgeous little bubs at the moment (Scarlett, Preston and of course Victor). Enjoy!

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