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Nicole | Personal | Brisbane | 9th December 2011

1. I {LOVE} car karoke and singing REALLY loud…

Yes, that’s right. Give me a car, some music and I think the car is my stage. I just start singing unconciously sometimes and then there are other times, especially when Andy is in the car, that I purposely pull out a bit of exaggerated fun crazy sing alongs. But when I really let loose is when I am in the car by myself, I pump up some cheesy song and let loose  Whitney styles. So if you’ve passed me on the roads and I look like one of those crazies talking to themselves, yep that’s me, singing away! Try some day. It’s a whole lot of fun! Plus when I am editing and cranking some tunes.. I belt it out at the top of my lungs, just to keep the mood and the flow going!!

2. I {heart} water!

Yes – I love the beach, the pool, the river, sailing – anything to do with water and I am completely relaxed. I have gotten back into swimming again after some time and I am finding it so relaxing to swim laps and just let my mind think – away from the business, general going ons and the internet. Any time I have a chance to relax or some spare time, I love heading out on our yacht or heading to the beach. It’s so relaxing and very therapudic. Almost like a mini holiday!

3. I {love} cooking..

I guess one of the perks of Andy being a chef is that I get to learn lots of new things about cooking. I reckon now after a few years with Andy that I could be Australia’s next master chef. {lol} Everyone always thinks it so glamourous being with a chef that you get awesome 5* star meals every night, like you are dining out at a restaurant. But no, after doing it all day, cooking is the last thing that want to do when they get home. So just as well that I love to cook as it would be take away all the time otherwise!

4. I {am} clumsy!

Yep – that’s right. If there is a hole in the ground, my ankle will find it. I constantly bump into kitchen benches, coffee table and just generally trip over anything that is in the way. I think it is because I am constantly look up. I am one of those people who when walking always looks up and around – taking it all in. Some people just look down and look where they are going. Nope, not me I am the day dreamer. Hence the crazy amount of bruises I end up with on my shins.. the poor things..

5. I {love} fishing!

I don’t get to do it merely as much as I would like to but I love fishing. Actually scrap that, I love hanging out on the boat with my dad pretending to catch fish (yes – most of the time, we are telling the story about the one that got away!). But I always feel so refreshed after heading out on the water. It’s so calm and peaceful, so it doesn’t really matter if we catch anything.. it really is just a bonus!

6. I {love} watching trashy tv while editing

Don’t hate me, but I just love watching the trashiest tv shows I can find while editing. I guess, to keep me company as I work by myself. I keeps me entertained. What can I say.. Some of my favs include (please don’t judge me! lol!) – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Keeping up with Kardashians, Sister Wives, Gossip Girl, Real Brides of Beverly Hills, Pregnant in Heels, America’s/Britian’s/ Any Place Next Top Model, Million Dollar Decorators and my new favourite Revenge (my new fav – it’s not too trashy, just a really good interesting thriller!).

7. I get {messy} before I get {ocd} neat freak

I think it’s the creative in me. I go through times when I am messy (generally when I am really busy) then I get to a stage where I am sick of the mess and just got nato and have a big clean out and start fresh. I go through this cycle about 3 or 4 times throughout the year. I am one extreme or the other… Sometimes I need the chaos and sometimes I need the clean..

8. I {love} to travel and would {love} to live in New York…

I love travelling.. I mean who doesn’t? Experiencing new places, seeing different cultures, tasting different foods. Every chance we get to go overseas we do. I’ve been to NZ, Singapore, Thailand, Maylasia, Fiji and next stop Vanuatu… Next big trips will be to New York and parts of America and Europe. They are just a bit further away and require a bit more planning that a sneak getaway to Vanuatu for instance. I would love to live in New York. I think it is such an exciting, creative city and I think it would be an amazing experience. Maybe in the next couple of years.

9. I {heart} red wine.. particularly a good shiraz

Yes. My name is Nicole and I love a good Shiraz. I’m not really a beer drinker and I’m not too much into whites (with the exception of a good sem sav or pinot grigio) but I love my reds. I could easily have a glass or two every night (although I try to only have one or two on the weekends). In saying that sometimes it’s more… not very often. I hate the hangovers.. so not fun..  but if you ever want to get on my good side.. A bottle of red will do the trick!

10. I {wish} I had longer hair

I know, I know. What girl doesn’t want to have ridiculously luscious longs locks. I have been trying to grow my hair longer and longer for years. But I swear, the longer it grows, the curlier it gets.. so I don’t feel like it is getting any longer. Never fear. I will keep battling on and hopefully someday I will have my luscious locks! I just wish it wasn’t so hot here all the time so I could wear it out more often!

So that’s it… 10 random facts, things you might not know about Nicole.. A few random things, but I guess if you are looking for a photographer with a bit of character and who likes to talk A LOT (thanks mum) then you have found your girl.. Photo above…. here’s another one that my awesome friend Priya took for me…

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