Gold Coast Portrait Session | The lovely Miss Priya…

Priya | Website Portraits | Currumbin Gold Coast | 27th September 2011

On Tuesday afternoon, Priya and I finally headed down to the Goldie to do some portraits for her new website. For all of you blog readers, you would know that Priya is one of my second shooters. We had been planning this afternoon of shooting for quite some time but we were both either busy, tired, the weather was crap or it was high tide. Finally on Tuesday, we were both free, the weather was perfect and it was low tide! So we made the drive to Currumbin to take some fashion inspired portraits.

Priya has a very fashion inspired look and feel to her work and she wanted her website portraits to reflect this. So we had some mood boards, some great afternoon sun and a whole lot of fun! It is always a weird experience being a photographer on the other side of the camera and I really let Priya just go for it without little direction (which is very unusual for me) but I wanted her to think about what she would be telling clients and the look she wanted to portray in her photos rather than my perspective. It was an interesting challenge for both her and me and just generally a whole lot of fun!!


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