Headshot Photographer Brisbane | Should I Wear Patterns or Plain Colours in My Photos?

When choosing what to wear for your headshot session, another thing to consider when selecting your outfit is should I keep it plain or express my personality with patterns?

Each option has pros and cons and really comes down to personal choice and the look and feel you want to achieve in your portraits. Here is my general thoughts on both plain colours and patterns.


Plain colours are great as they draw attention to your face in the photo. You aren’t distracted by the clothing that you wear so the photo is all about you. If you are wanting to include props or a busier background in the photo, then definitely consider only wearing plain colours.


The great thing about patterns and prints is that they are a way to express your personality. However if you choose to wear a pattern or a print, you need to be mindful to choose backgrounds that are solid colours. That way the background isn’t competing with the pattern and your face.

Overall it doesn’t really matter whether you choose a plain colour or a pattern. It really comes down to personal choice.

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