Headshot Photographers Brisbane | How to feel less awkward in front of the camera

Putting yourself in front of a camera lens can be a daunting and vulnerable thing. But it doesn’t have to. The first step to not feeling awkward on camera is to find a photographer that you like, someone with a calming, friendly presence. Once you have found that person, trust in the process. They are the expert. They will coach, guide and direct you to look and feel beautiful, comfortable and natural on camera.

Secondly, there are a few things you can do as a client prior to the session to feel less awkward. Here are my tips:

• Own it – own who you are, don’t be afraid to show the photographer your personality. Laugh, joke and be silly. If you own it, your confidence will automatically shine through.

• Choose your clothing choices wisely. Make sure that you choose outfits that suit your body shape, fit you well and you feel comfortable in.

• Practice in front of the mirror.. I know I know, how uncomfortable does this sound, but if you stop and practice a little in the mirror, smiling, laughing and not taking yourself so seriously then this will certainly help you feel less self conscious on your photo shoot day and more relax with the process.

• On the way to the session why not practice some positive mantras

  • I love and approve myself
  • I am perfect whole and complete
  • When I smile I make other people actually happy
  • I am awesome and I can do this.

Trust your photographer and trust the process – you got this, just let go and enjoy the experience. A photo shoot is always a collaboration between you and the photographer. So trust the process. You never know you might actually get photos that you LOVE even if you still feel awkward on the inside!

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