Headshot Photography Brisbane | What Style of Headshots Should I have?

Before you start thinking about what to wear or what to bring to your headshot session, you need to think about the vibe or the fashion style of what works best in your industry.

Are you in a more formal or creative industry? Are you in a more stuffy or more relaxed industry?

Can you get away with casual or do you have to dress up?

If you could sum up your passion in one object or prop what would it be?

(ie. Mine would be camera)

So once you work out your vibe and the feeling you want to portray in your photos, then you can choose what to wear, how to do your hair and makeup and what to bring to the session.

The vibe or style will also determine where the shoot takes place – in the studio or out on location.

And you always have the option to bring three different outfits – something more formal, something smart casual and something relaxed. That way within the one photo shoot, you get three different looks or feels.

Getting the best out of your headshot session is all about collaboration. It’s about the collaboration between you the client and the photographer. As a client, you need to think about the type of photos you want, what kind of outfits and hair and makeup that works for you and the location. As the photographer we can offer suggestions and advice but you need to have input as well.

We would love to chat to you more about how we could collaborate to capture the best photos of you. Want to know more, fill in the form below.

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