Avoiding updating your headshot?

Feel embarrassed it's so old?

Confident your headshot captures you?

It's time to update your headshot.

It's time to show the world who you are.

It's time to step up and stop playing small.

It's time for people to say,
"I want to do business with her, she looks nice!".
People buy from people they like. 

That's why we created our

Signature Headshot

A headshot photo session designed to capture your personality in one frame, help you stand out in the sea of ordinary and look relaxed, natural and beautiful. 

What's included?

  • Photo Shoot Pre-Consultation

  • Up to 30min Phoot Shoot

  • Expert Posing & Direction 

  • Full Retouching

  • Image Reveal & Online Ordering

  • Dropbox Delivery

Photo Shoot Pre-Consultation

Before the shoot we will chat over the phone or via email. Share our headshot session planning guide and put together a questionnaire to tailor the shoot specifically to you.

Studio or Location

We have the option to book your headshot session either in the studio or out on location. It really comes down to your personal choice and the look and feel of what you want your headshot to say.

Make You Feel Comfortable

We know how uncomfortable and vulnerable it can feel getting in front of the camera, so here at NBP we pride ourselves on creating a safe space for you to open up and share who you are. We will guide, coach and direct you to bring out your personality, capture your unique essence and feel gorgeous, natural and relaxed.

Multiple Wardrobe Changes

We encourage you to bring at least 3 outfit options. Depending on your industry and the look you are trying to achieve but having three different looks gives you a variety of different images you could use in different contexts.

Full Retouching

With each headshot session full retouching is provided. Our retouching philosophy is simple - keep it real just remove those belmishes that no one wants to remember forever. We want people to see you in real life and not be shocked that you look so different to your photo.

OPTIONAL – Hair & Makeup

Our professional makeup artists comes to the studio (or out on location) and will create a natural look that enhances your features. We won't go over the top glam but will customise the makeup to look great on camera.

Hair & Makeup can be added in for an additional $150 per person
Makeup only $100 per person

Image Reveal

After the session within 48-72hrs we will organise an online image reveal and ordering gallery. 

Dropbox Download

Once you have chosen your favourite photographs and placed your order, we will arrange a dropbox download for you to quickly and easily download your photos. We create two versions of each photo - a high res for print use and a low res for web use.

Monthly Mini Headshot Sessions - $47

Includes 15min shoot at a different location every month, 2 outfit changes and 1 digital photo. Additional photos are $25 each. 

Optional Extra - Hair & Makeup

Click the button below to see when the next monthly headshot day is.

Signature Headshot Sessions - $297

Includes 30min shoot on location, 3 outfit changes and 15 digital photos. Additional photos are $25 each. 

Optional Extra - Hair & Makeup

Book in Now. Schedule your shoot within the next 3 Months.

Need proof that it's that good?

Here's what Nicole's clients have said about the experience...

"Nicole is an experienced, gifted and nurturing photographer. She will support you as you are whilst also bringing your natural light to life. You will never feel awkward with the camera when Nicole is behind it - she works seamlessly and knows how to meet you where you are at. I've been her client twice and I have no doubt I'll be her client many more times over."

Lauren - Sexologist @ Lauren White

beautiful studio headshot

"Thank you so much Nicole. We desperately needed an update of our Business Profile pics and your help in allowing us to relax and just enjoy the session worked beautifully. It shows us looking relaxed, happy and Professional all in one. That was a task in itself. Love your work, thank you again."

- Gillian & Rob

natural studio headshot portrait

Nicole totally nailed the feeling of my business in these photos. When so much of my business is digital, it's invaluable to have images that reflect me and my business. I need my customers to see these photos and feel like they are getting to know me, and that's exactly what I got!

- Kit

Why invest in yourself?

You only get one first impression.

People buy from people they like.

A great headshot helps you look the part. 

Stand out from the crowd - show off your personality.

Headshots don't have to be stiff or boring.

 Get out from behind your brand.
Show the world who you are.

Connect with your audience. Get more sales. 

Need help planning your session?

Download our FREE Headshots that Turn Heads Planning Guide.

This shoot is for you even if...

You don’t think you’re photogenic…

There is no such thing as photogenic. The photos are a direct result of the way the photographer interacts with the client.

Here at NBP we will guide, coach and direct you to look and feel amazing in front of the camera. 

You don’t have the time…

How much time do you waste trying to look for a good headshot when you need to submit one for an article? Imagine if you had one on file ready to go. It would save so much time!

Think of all the opportunities you may of missed out because you don't have a great headshot to share!

You don’t think you can afford it…

Can you afford losing out on business because people can't connect with you. People buy from people they like, so look at doing a headshot session an investment in growing your business.

To help with the budget, we accept credit cards and offer payment plans.

Hi I’m Nicole, nice to meet you!

Stepping in front of the camera and being photographed can be a daunting thing. I know myself I used to shy away from it, until I realised that people don't really care what you look like, they care about how you make them feel. 

So I got over myself and stepped out from behind the camera and did what I preached. I got my very own set of headshots. And it's made such a difference. Photography is such a personal choice. Not every photographer is the right choice for that person, so by having great headshots that show off my personality, I immediately attract more of the people I want to work with and repel the ones that don't.

For me, I couldn't never just have a boring headshot. I love injecting personality into my client's photos and so I needed to do the same for me. And as soon as anyone sees my headshot I want them to know instantly that I am a photographer and that I am a bubbly and happy natured.

So how do you want to be photographed? I know most people are scared of stepping in front of the camera, but I promise to make it a fun, enjoyable non awkward experience. 

Go on, be brave, step out from behind your brand and be seen!

Nicole x

Are you ready to...

Be Seen


Get New Customers

Own a photo that screams YOU!


Show off your gorgeous headshots?

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know that you are going to LOVE your photoshoot experience! But if for any reason you don't have an incredible experience with us, we will refund the session fee in full.



Your headshot session can take place either in our beautiful natural light studio in Annerley or out on location. It really depends on the look and feel you are trying to achieve. We can help you decide.


We recommend that you bring at least 3 outfits – generally something light, something dark and something colourful. But if you can’t decide on just three, then bring more and we can choose a few different options one you arrive at the studio.

Once you have booked, during our boudoir pre-consultation we will email you a session planning questionnaire and our session planning guide to help you with ideas and inspiration for what to bring.  And to discuss what you would like to achieve from your headshot session.

I don't know what to wear, help?

Don't worry, this is the most common thing we hear when booking in for a headshot session. Don't worry, we have an extensive session planning guide with lots of information about what to wear, what colours look good, hair and makeup and your overall vibe that you will know exactly what to wear for the look you are trying to achieve.


Yes! Feel free to bring any accessories to match your outfits and any props that you to feature in your photographs. We love capturing your personality so if you have an idea or concept you would like to try, let us know. We love getting creative! 

Also the background of your headshots, doesn't just have to be a plain colour or texture. If you feel your headshot needs things in the background to tell a story, then feel free to bring things to help. ie. A handbag designer brings a collection of handbags to feature.


We certainly recommend hair and makeup for your headshots. Our Signature Headshot Sessions includes professional makeup and we can also add in hair if you require.


We like to keep things really simple here at Nicole Barralet Photography. Once we have finished the shoot we download, select and edit a collection of images within 10 days and upload them to an Online Gallery for you to make your final image selection. Then once you have chosen your favourite images, we will upload them to dropbox as both high res and web res ready for you to download them immediately.

Are you ready to…

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Show the world who you are


Stand out from the Crowd

Make A Great First Impression

Be Finally Happy with Your Headshot?

Have questions? Get in touch!