Ipswich Photographer | 65 years and happier then ever!

Gladys & Arthur | Event | HV| 11th September 2010

65 years ago, on the 7th September two sweethearts married. Little did they know that 65 years later they would be celebrating their wedding anniversary with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with letters from the Queen, Governor General, Governor and local dignitaries. They could of received many letters in the mail, but the most special part of the day was spending time with family.

Gladys and Arthur are such a cute couple. Even though time has passed and the body isn’t working as well as it used to, they are still just as cheeky and in love as what I imagine they would of been on their wedding day. It would of been awesome to capture their first wedding day.

So here is a few photos of the happy couple. I feel so priviledged that I was able to photograph this special day. I hope that after 65 years in marriage that I am just as happy (and just as cheeky!).

Nicole xo

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