Ipswich Photography | Melita & Ashley E-Shoot

Melita & Ashley | Engagement | Out at the River | 17th August 2010

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of heading out to the river with Melita and Ashley to create some beautiful bush/country inspired portraits. I have known Melita for quite some time and was one of my bridesmaids for another bride I photographed. I was thrilled when she phoned me straight after Ashley proposed and asked me to photograph her wedding. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in April. It is going to be a hoot!!

We had so much fun at the engagement shoot. It was such a lovely warm afternoon, I was almost tempted to hop in the river and go for a swim. This location is a pretty remote area and you have to travel through dirt roads and the final section is like a 4WD only part. Lucky (or unlucky some might say) Ashley is a very experienced 4WD and showed off his skills by taking the “hard” and “scary” ways down to the river bank. Let’s just say, I like having all four wheels on the ground.

It was lovely to photograph you guys and it was great to get to know you Ashley a little more. I hope you enjoy the photos and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year!! Yay!

Nicole xo

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