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Kara & Ben | Trash the Dress | Down by the River | 25th September 2010

As most of you would be aware, my sister just recently got married in July and since then has wanted to do a “Trash the Dress” shoot out by the river. You might remember we did something similar for their engagement photos. Most people gasp or have looks of horror on their faces when we mentioned that we were going to Trash the Dress. I think it needs a new name, like Wet the Dress or something. The dress looks exactly like it did before we got in the river and it was probably cleaner than it was on the actual wedding day. Enough about that.. lets talk about Friday.

Friday was a rainy, miserable day. The clouds were covering the sky, their was hardly any afternoon light and by the time we got out to the river at 5:30pm there was hardly any light. You could say this was a huge challenge for a photography. Never fear, me and my trusty Nikon (with very high ISO settings) and my little LED light (which I duct taped to a tripod – oh so professional but it got the job done!) gave me the confidence to still capture some beautiful shots. It was actually quite fun testing out the camera and pushing it and myself to the limits. I must say I am quite impressed with the results. Even at 5000 ISO for some of the shots, there is very little noise (Sorry for all you non-photographers, but just a little tech speak!!)

So without further ado here are some of the photos. Check out the one with the kayaker. I think he was quite surprised to see a “Bride & Groom” floating around in the water around dusk.

Happy Monday!!

Nicole xo

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