Ipswich Portrait Photography | Angus is 1!!

Angus | Cake Smash | Ipswich | 13th July 2012

This afternoon I head the pleasure of heading out to the switch to capture some gorgeous family portraits of Angus for his first birthday. Angus is such a cutie!! He has the most adorable big dark blue eyes. He is quite reserved for a little man and only gave us smiles when we sneezed at him!! How cute!! The beautiful red chair featured in the below photographs was his Mum’s from when she was a little girl, so it was lovely to use such a sentimental prop! Angus was so dainty with his cake smash, simply licking off the icing until we gave him chunks to eat! I think he would of eaten the whole cake if we had let him! I will share more of his cake smash with you next week! It was such a pleasure to photograph your family and I can’t wait to show you the rest!!

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