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ipswich-wedding-photograpehr-fgw0005Earlier in the year I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the wedding of Graham and Felicia. I have known Felicia since she was a child so it was an absolute pleasure to be invited to capture her wedding day. We had such a beautiful day all round and the photographs were so much fun! So here is their Real Life Wedding Story as told by Felicia.


Bride’s Name: Felicia
Groom’s Name: Graham
Date of Wedding: 2nd April 2016
Number of Guests: 220

The History….
How did you meet?
We went to high school together. I don’t think I even knew who Graham was until we were about 15 though. I started paying attention to him more, but decided against getting to know him.( I had a crazy crush on him and thought he was way too cute and I would look out for him by staying away from him) It wasn’t until the end of year 12 Graham out of the blue literally came up and asked me to be his formal date. Even after the worst date in history, we continued to date.

How long did you date?
5 years 7 months and 6 days to be specific

How did he propose?
I came home from work one afternoon and he told me we had to go. I don’t like having surprises spring on me so after a bit of a delay to our (his) plans we finally ended up at a little B and B called Spring Creek Cottage. When I saw this sign I knew that he would be proposing as I joked a few years before that when the time came, I wanted to stay there and be proposed to under Queen Mary falls, because the view from the cottage is amazing to wake up to with the sunrise. Yes, where he actually proposed was the next day,under Queen Mary Falls. I was wet from accidentally falling into the water at another waterfall we had just been to.
We decided to keep it hidden for a few months.(Yes, near the end, I was going crazy not telling people how lucky I had become!!).


The Wedding….
What was your wedding date?

Why did you choose this date? Any special reason?
Graham refused to wait any longer then this date.

Where did you have your wedding?
At the church I grew up in: Apostolic Church of Queensland

Was there any special touches, vows, traditions or tributes that you included into your ceremony?
We picked a hymn that’s not very popular, but the words really described us.
Something really special was when Kimberelys son, Jasper, who is almost 2 stood at the end of the aisle after the ceremony to give me a horse shoe. Jasper is my friend Ashleighs nephew. Ashleigh passed away unfortunately at the start of 2015, so that little moment really pulled on the heart strings.

If you could pick one special moment from the day to remember what would it be?
Walking up to Graham. As cliché as it sounds, we both couldn’t stop smiling at each other.


The Gown….
Who designed your gown?
We had to go a bit cheap so we got an overseas website DH gate to make an Amelia Sposa inspired gown

Where was it purchased?

What was your gown shopping experience like? Was this dress the first one you tried on? Did you try on hundreds, loved it, hated it?
I never really had a gown shopping experience. I saw ‘the dress’ before Graham proposed and I knew that that was the dress I was going to marry Graham in

Where there any special details you included in your day? Did you borrow a piece of jewellery etc?
I borrowed my late Grandfathers brooch.


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?
My old and something borrow was my grandfathers brooch and my something blue was my garter that my lovely lovely friend, Fay made for me. She also made my headpiece.

Did you have any DIY elements to your day?
So many. The bridesmaids bouquet. The grooms boutonair, the invitations, the centerpieces…we even made a wooden wishing well that held our cards in.

If you could describe the overall theme of your wedding day what would it be?
Vintage Elegance



Gown: DH Gate
Suits: Connor
Bridesmaids: My mother begged me to make the dresses. What a fine job she did!
Rings: Prouds
Accessories: Fay made my headpieces and my bridesmaids and Graham and my garters.
Hair: Judy Barralet
Makeup: Denika Englander
Ceremony: Apostolic Church of Queensland- East Ipswich
Celebrant: Bishop Shayne Darguasch
Reception: Apostolic Church of Queensland- East Ipswich
Entertainment: DIY’d a collaboration of songs running through the Ipod during reception and my church choir sung during the reception and after the church we had our band playing.
Videographer: Family member, Rhonda Granzien
Cake: Kelly Noy from Yummy Tummy Cupcakes
Bonbonerie: DIY’d
Flowers/Florist: DIY’d. Bouquet was from an online shop in Melbourne
Transport: A Golden Roller
Stationery: DIY’d

How did you find your overall experience with the above vendors?
Great! All had great communication which helps a bride understand everything.

Do you have any advice for other brides?
1. Don’t be afraid to DIY things because they ll  be ‘tacky’.
2. Listen to someones ideas if they are really keen to make something for you for the day. You can say no, but let them get excited about the day with you.
3. No question you want to ask about something is a stupid question
4. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect physically. Emotionally, it already is because you have your perfect guy next to you saying your vows.

What made your wedding day so memorable?
Having Nicole as our photographer 😉


What was the funniest memory from your wedding day?
It was actually the night before. I was putting fake nails on my bridesmaids and suddenly a bit of glue got stuck to Madi (my bridemaid) and myself. We kind of hesitated really suddenly. I think I hesitated more and pulled my hand quickly off her that it left a bit of her skin on me that I couldn’t get off. So a bit of Madi’s skin was on me during my whole wedding day!

What was the weather and location like on the day?
Perfect clear sky. A bit hot but thankfully not too hot that ¾ sleeves weren’t drooling in sweat.

If there was one thing that you would change from the day, what would it be and why?
Nothing. There were a few bumps, but it didn’t matter to us.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Whitsundays. We got treated like the King and Queen at our resort that we ended up staying in a little Bed and Breakfast in Mount Tamborine after to try and bring us back into reality a bit. Sadly, it didn’t work.



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