Ipswich Wedding Photography | Debie & Stephen… All the way from America…

Debie & Stephen | Wedding | Ipswich | 28th April 2012

On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful wedding day of Debie & Stephen. I had been looking forward to celebrating and capturing their day for a long time as I knew it was going to be incredibly special and little bit different. As they are both already legally married in America, they wanted to come back to Debie’s hometown of Ipswich and celebrate their marriage with a beautiful church service surrounded by friends and family (even a handful of friends and Stephen’s mum came all the way from America!). And what a day it was!!! Beautiful sunny Queensland gave us a non-stop rainy day, which became heavier as the day progressed, but not even the miserable weather could stop Debie & Stephen from enjoying the day.

As many of their family and friends were unable to make it to their special day, I have made this sneak peak a little longer, so their friends and family can share in the joy that surrounded them on their wedding day. Our day, started with photographing the boys at the Ipswich International Hotel. Now as you would know from their engagement session, Stephen is part of the Marine Corps in America. He is a Chief Warrant Officer and on their wedding day, Marine Corps Officers wear their Formal Dress Uniform including all honours and medals. It is a sign of respect and honour for serving your country. Stephen had many medals on his uniform and we asked him how they are earned – some are for service, some are for personal achievements and of course some are from serving overseas in war. The symbol on both Stephen’s cufflinks, jacket and hat are the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Together these symbolise the commitment to defending the nation, in the air, on land and at sea. We could see that Stephen takes great pride in serving his country and it was a great honour for him to wear his uniform on his wedding day.

Then it was off to the girls room to photograph them getting ready. Everyone was so calm and non-stressed. Luckily for Debie who was feeling very unwell the day before the wedding, she was feeling much better, looking absolutely stunning with her beautiful make up by Ella Baché Ipswich and her gorgeous hair. The girls were very bubbly and it was just a delight to photograph them. Debie’s dress was just gorgeous coming all the way from America and it fit her like a glove.

Then it was off to St Mary’s Cathedral for their wedding service which was conducted by Father Catchlove (yes! that is his name! perfect for a wedding right!). It was a beautiful heartfelt ceremony. Stephen walked his Mom down the isle and each of the bridesmaids and their partners came down together followed by Debie and her very proud father. The ceremony was very personal with Father Catchlove reading out in their own words, what they loved about each other. This bought tears and giggles and was very sweet. These two are a perfect match and you could really see the love and respect they both had for eachother. After the vows and ring exchange, their was a coin, veil and rope tradition followed by the lighting of the candle by the two Mums. Their union was sealed with a kiss followed by the signing of the registered. As the weather was so terrible outside, we had the group photo inside the church and family photos followed.

After the beautiful ceremony and with the weather being rather miserable, we headed over to Riverlink to an undercover bridge that gave us a pretty cool background for our location photographs. The texture of the bridge really suited Stephen’s uniform and we had a bit of an audience watching us take photographs. Then it was off to the Ipswich Civic Centre where I grabbed Debie & Stephen for a few photographs outside. By this time it was really really raining and it was getting quite dark. They were such troopers for coming out in the rain with us and I think we were able to capture a couple of amazing rainy day images!

Then it was back into the Ipswich Civic Centre for party time! We were lucky to have a few moments to dry off, change and make sure our cameras weren’t too wet! Debie & Stephen’s reception was a blast! We had a crazy booth in the corner (more of those images to come!) and after some heartfelt speeches (lots of giggles and tears), a fantastic cake cutting (and smooshing), an emotional first dance, father daughter and mother son dances,  they partied the night away! And boy do these guys know how to party!!

What a beautiful day! It was such a special and enjoyable day to be part of. Thank you so much Debie & Stephen for inviting us to be part of your wedding day. We feel very privliged to be able to document your love and we hope we have captured your day for you. Enjoy your sneak peak and safe travels back home!

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