Its a story of a knife..

Nicole | Personal | An Image A Day | 16th June 2010

Today my image of the day is a snapshot of me cooking dinner. I am cooking pork and apple risotto with some left over pork roast we had. I love risotto. I also love the fact that we have an AWESOME herb garden in which I can just duck out the back and grab a bunch of fresh herbs to add in last minute. Herbs make all the difference! I do plan to eventually have a veggie garden so I can pick fresh veggies for dinner, but its on the to do list. Plus winter isn’t exactly the best time to be planting new veggies.

I love cooking, and thankfully I am not at all scared of cooking for my wonderful chef boyfriend. Even if it sucks, he will still eat it and give me tips on how to be a better cook. Currently he is teaching me how to cut things with a knife better. He reckons that watching me is very scary, I am like one knife movement away from chopping a finger off… well we will see.. I am working on my knife techniques… until then.. here’s tonights dinner…


live. laugh. love. create.

nicole xo

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