It’s raining… it’s pouring… so where does a photographer go?

Nicole Barralet | Personal | Around the Yard | 1st March 2010

Outside of course! I love the rain. Any excuse to get outside, throw on the gumboots, grab an umbrella and go jump in the puddles… I am there! I love photographing when its raining.. it seems the colours are richer and the water gives everything a natural shine. The only thing that drives me a little insane about the rain is a) driving and b) my hair. This weather makes my hair go crazy curly!!! I could almost have an afro this afternoon from going in and outdoors every couple of hours. I am feeling very inspired to shoot today. So here is a few shots that I have taken out in the rain…

“You will just see people in rain coats with umbrellas just having a good time.” – Karen Spencer

Yep – thats me.. out there having a good time!


nicole xo This last shot, isn’t exactly outside in the rain. Lately I have been give some really old suitcases and a hat box. I love the textures of them. They will be great props and are excellent storage compartments for all my new props! The camera is also a new find. I absolutely love the vintage-ness of it. So funky.

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