Labradorables | Animal Portrait | In the backyard | 1st March 2010

Whenever I am feeling down or just need some unconditional love, I just look to our beautiful labradorables.. Tilley is our golden lab who we rescued from being abused.. Since we have had her, she has done a complete 360. She used to be tied on a rope all day every day, she used to pee herself every time she heard a loud voice and she was quite mal-nourished. Well Tilley is now a bouncing around, attention seeking beautiful lab who loves hanging out and being close by your side. She also loves digging, splashing around in her swimming pools and being rubbed on her tummy. Darcy on the other hand is our black lab. She is quite old now and is pretty angry most of the time. Her nick name is kill joy – she will deliberatly take the ball of Tilley just to spoil the fun. I think though Darcy is so much more happy having Tilley around. Anyway enough about me gushing about my girls. I love them to bits. Hope you enjoy the photos.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

nicole xo

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