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Mara’s Lasting Memories | Business | Brisbane | July 2011

As a photographer, we are all about capturing memories. Creating beautiful albums, books and prints that capture a time in your life that you want to remember forever. One of my friends on Facebook, Tamara has started up her own digital media business that is all about preserving memories from the past and bringing old and new technologies together. Do you have heaps of old negatives or slides floating around? Did you want to turn them into digital negatives? Then Mara’s Lasting Memories is just for you. So here is another local business that will be in my “Little Black Book”.

Name: Tamara Herbst
Company: Digital Media Business
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Name of your Business: Mara’s Lasting Memoreis
Started: 2009

Why did you start your business?

I have always had an interest in creative arts, film, television and photography. I have  I have always had an interest in creative arts, film, televison and photography. I always had a camera in my hand growing up and I studied media which I just connected to and became so passionate about. I love being able to bring people’s memories to life with my creativity. I have always seemed to be a sentimental person as far as keeping memories goes. I just find it so precious and important. It is so lovely and amazing to be able to showcase your memories in unique ways for the future. I started this business because I wanted to be able to share my love for media with others and give them the opportunity to preserve their memories in a way that they truly deserve. I love being able to take peoples plain old memories and turning them into something truly unique and special. I find it enjoyable, exciting and inspiring because every project I produce comes from my heart and soul and its something that never gets boring. Im always up for a challenge which is what im all about.

What inspires you?

My family, friends, my love for creative arts and music.

What does your business offer?

My business offers many, many different media services and specialised orders including Affordable Professional Slideshows, Professional Filming of Events, Professional Movie Productions, Freelance Editing, VHS to DVD conversions, Movie Montages such as Wedding Music Videos, A Baby’s First Year Video/Photo Slideshow and many other available servies. I showcase and convert all your precious memories for all you digital needs. Whether it be videos from old media sources, dvds, old negative photo prints or digital photo prints. For more information you can check out my services page on my website.

Where do you see your business in the future?

I hope to see my business work up its clientele while being able keep doing what I love from home, continue to provide many services to the wider community at affordable prices. I believe that its important to keep a personalised/friendly/down to earth approach to all my clients and to be able to set prices to an affordable rate because I believe everyone should have the right and opportunity to own specialised memories at an affordable price without having to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a highly expensive company to provide the same services that I do.

How important do you believe photography is in life and how can you help preserve memories?

Photography means everything to me. Capturing that one precious moment in time with film has always felt so magical to me. My family has always joked that I have a camera glued to my arm and constantly nickname me Ms Kodak, but why not document it? I find it so important and rare because before you know it that moment in time will be gone forever and you will have nothing to keep, cherish and reflect back on. Maybe I’m getting too deep but, it is when your life takes a turn for the worse that you really hold on tight and cherish the memories you have in either photography or film. I feel that I have the knowledge, skills, passion and technology to preserve your memories and there is nothing holding me back to preserve those memories. At the time they seem so small and insignificant but as time passes by its those small, fun times that become all that is important in life. All the money in the world, and earthly possessions can not take away or replace the importance of your life, the lives of your loved ones and the memories it creates, and thats why I believe photography is so important.

A few fun questions…

Best Skills: Kind, caring, inspiring musician, love for children & family, great cook, general love for life and being a perfectionist!
Biggest Challenges: Staying true to myself, enjoying every moment, realising that everything happens for a reason, document the crazy, fun, special times in life and aspiring to excel in my business
Sweet or Savoury: I absolutely love savoury but I have to say I do enjoy a bit of sweet every once in a while!
Secret Weapon: My computer, I couldn’t do what I love to do within my business without it and the awesome tech gadgets included with it
Heroes: My family, friends, The Veronicas, My friends at the Cerebal Palsy League of Queensland and all those wonderful inspirational people I have met throughout my life that are far more disadvantaged in their life that I am – they show me that anything is possible in life as long as you have faith and believe
Pet Peeves: People that don’t appreciate what they have in life, traffic, snobby & disrespectful people
Can’t live without: Music, family, friends, faith, cameras and FOOD!
Little know fact: I actually dislike how I look in photos and videos and would rather be behind it capturing the action!

Thank you for your time! I hope I can help your business out a little by spreading the word!

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