When is the best time to schedule my maternity session?

The best time to schedule your maternity session is anytime from around 32-38 weeks. Ideally 34-36 is the perfect time depending on how you are feeling in your pregnancy.

Where does the session take place?

Depending on the type of look and feel you would like there are two options - in our gorgeous natural light studio at Annerley or out on location in a park, beach or urban environment. Both options produce beautiful photographs it just depends on which look you would prefer.

Why don’t you photograph maternity sessions by themselves?

I only photograph both maternity and newborn sessions as I believe it is absolutely important to capture the bump as well as the baby.

Should I be worried about stretch marks or puffiness?

Absolutely not! We can photoshop out any stretch marks and we will pose you to avoid looking too puffy.

Do you do milk bath maternity sessions?

Yes! Absolutely! We have the availability to photograph them in our gorgeous studio. Milk bath maternity sessions are an additional $100 on top of your session fee to cover setup, milk and flowers.

Can I include my partner or my kids in the shoot?

Absolutely! We can photograph individual portraits, photographs with your partner and family photos with your kids! The choice is yours!


When is the ideal time to book a newborn session? 

As soon as bub is born it is best to contact me and book in your session. Between 3-10 days is the most ideal time, but we can certainly photograph baby if they are a little bit older.

My baby is already born, is it too late to schedule a newborn shoot?

No! Of course not, get in touch as soon as possible and book in a session.

How long does a newborn session take?

A newborn session takes around 2-3 hours as we work in with bub and how they are on the day. If we need to stop to feed, settle, nurse.. Totally ok. We just go with the flow.

Where will the photoshoot take place? Will you come to my home?

At the moment we only photograph newborn sessions in our studio at Annerley. We have everything you need here together with temperature control and beautiful light to produce the gorgeous newborn photos you see on our website.

How do I prepare for a newborn session?

Bring all the newborn essentials - nappies, bottles, dummy, a couple of change of clothes and of course yourself. Feel free to bring any special items that you may wish to include in your photos - names, blankets, beanies, toys etc.

What kind of props do you have and what do I need to bring?

We have a selection of different blankets, wraps and props for you to use in your session if you wish. If you have anything special or specific you would like to include then please bring them along.

What do I wear for a newborn session?

For the parents, I always suggest smart casual and bring a dark t-shirt for dad if you wish to do the baby in Dad’s hands shot.

What does bub wear for a newborn session?

If you have a special outfit you would like to include then feel free to bring it along. Most of the time we usually just photograph bub in the nude or with a nappy cover so they don’t really need any clothes as such.

Newborns can have pimples, scratches or dry skin.. Is this a problem?

Absolutely not. This is totally normal and we can photoshop out any blemishes if required.

I would like to use the photos for a Birth Announcement card, is this possible?

Absolutely! We have a beautiful range of birth announcement cards we can custom design for you.

Can I include siblings in the newborn photo shoot?

Absolutely! Sometimes toddlers can be a little bit out of sorts, so again we just work with how they are on the day. There is nothing more precious then capturing a beautiful family portrait of all of you and all of your kids.

As parents do we need to be in the photos?

No, not if you don’t want to. We can completely customize the session to include whoever you like. We can just photograph bub if that is what you prefer.

What happens in bub poops/wees/vomits, starts crying or gets fussy?

Not a problem! This is totally normal and we just go with the flow. We will stop and clean up if we need to or soothe. Again, we will work in with bub and how they are on the day.

I have some inspiration from Pinterest… can we recreate these looks?

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and we can certainly use them to inspire different looks or poses but they will never be exactly the same as we are a different photographer photographing in a different location with different props. If you need some inspiration, check out our online galleries to see the looks we can realistic achieve.


When is the best time to book a family portrait session?

Anytime! Some families book in around the same time every year. Some families wait until a special occasion such as a birthday or having the extended family together to book in a shoot. 

Indoor or Outdoors? What is the best location?

It really just depends on the look that you are after. The studio is great for babies and small kids or a wet weather option. If you are wanting more than 5 people, then outdoors is probably best as it would be a little hard to fit everyone in the studio. We can photograph any where outdoors depending on the type of feel you would like - park, urban, beach or even by the river.

How do you make us not look awkward.. We don’t want to end up on awkward family portraits?

We promise to leave the cheese at home. Our style is very relaxed and natural and we will guide and coach you to look and feel comfortable in front of the camera. We have lots of little tricks and activities to make you feel nice and comfortable in front of the camera. 

How much time do we need for our family photo session?

Sessions can take anywhere from 30mins to around an hour. It depends on how many people we have as part of the shoot and the different combinations you would like. 

What if the kids are grumpy? 

No problems! We will go with the flow and try and lighten the mood as best we can. If they are sick or not feeling well, then we are happy to reschedule to another time.


Is there a minimum spend?

No. Besides the session fee we have no minimum spend. We only want you to buy what you love. However to give you an indication of pricing most of our clients spend around $1200 on photos after the session.

Are you insured?


What payment options are available?

We accept cash, bank transfer and credit cards (no Amex or Diners Club).  We can also arrange a payment plan if you wish to pay off your photographs over a period of up to 12 weeks.

What is included in the price?

The session fee includes time covered to photograph the session and one 5x7 inch print. Extra photographs are an additional cost. 

How long after the session can I expect to see the photos?

After your session we will book you in for your viewing appointment around 2 weeks after the shoot depending on your availability. 

Are unedited raw photos available?

No. That would be like giving you a half finished piece of art. We do offer digital photographs and every print or product you purchase comes with the matching high res photograph on USB.

How many photos should I expect to see? 

An average session is around 40 photographs depending on who is present during the photo session. 

Do I need to pay anything up front?

Yes. The session fee to lock in your time and date. You don’t have to decide on anything else until after you see the photographs.

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Absolutely! What a thoughtful gift!


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