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Laura | Portraits | Japanese Gardens | 9th July 2010

This afternoon Jaclyn and I spent an hour or so out in the Japanese Gardens photographing the lovely Laura. We wanted to have a chance to play around and take some casual portraits using the light, location and a bit of imagination. I thoroughly enjoyed our little play.. It wasn’t however all smooth sailing.. Firstly our first location we agreed to meet upon, had been turned into a no go construction site, secondly Jaclyn got lost driving to our next location (I went through a set of lights and couldn’t pull over) then I realised that I forgot my glasses and THEN it started to RAIN! Yes, RAIN! Luckily it was only a passing shower, and once I had got my act together we settled down and had some fun.

So here are a few portraits of Laura from today. Enjoy!!!

Nicole xo

Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

Ooh!! I love reflections.. this was when we were hiding from the rain!

I love this shot of Laura!! So serious.. but has a total fashion edge to it!

Ahh backlighting.. even mildly.. you are my friend!

The shot on the left is one of my favs from the day. There is just something about it.. dark and intriguing.

This is my other utmost fav.. although I don’t think Laura was too impressed lying in the woodchip!!

Colours of Winter.. I love winter!! (except that its dark sooo early!!)

And to finish off… a shot of Laura working it and Jaclyn snapping away.

Thanks guys! I had an awesome afternoon!!

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