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Nicole | Personal | Motivational Monday | 17th December 2012

Over the past month I have gotten back into my gym routine and also eating incredibly healthy. It has made such a huge impact on how I feel and the amount of work I have been able to cope with. Last year my sister gave me the Move Nourish Believe book and it has been fantastic inspiration for helping me to get back on track and motivated to get into the gym and choosing good food over crappy convenience foods. For Christmas I bought my sister the LJ 2013 diary and before I wrapped it, I took note of a couple of the quotes and inspiration that is throughout the diary (if you haven’t bought Christmas gifts yet then I highly recommend the LJ diary for all the women in your life – super inspiring). So today’s motivating monday is a few words for the Lorna Jane 2013 diary.


The new YOU isn’t on this page.
The new YOU is on the track.
She’s at the gym and in the produce aisle.
The new you has SWEAT trickling down her forehead.
She’s looking in the mirror and seeing someone STRONG.
She knows the sweat and tears that it takes to push herself to do just one more.
The new you is not going to happen by sitting there staring at this page.
So close up this diary and GET UP AND GO!!

– Lorna Jane, Move Nourish Believe

LOVE IT!! This time of year is one of the hardest times of the year to get into a good routine. I am still stuggling a little bit but I figure I will just take it one day at a time!

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