Mulgowie Wedding Photographer | The Real Life Wedding of Dan & Sharna

Back in September, I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful country wedding of Dan and Sharna. It was one of the most epic country weddings that I have ever photographed! We had wind, rain, rainbows, sunshine, puffy clouds and of course an awesome bridal party! Here is a little look into their wedding, as told by Sharna. Enjoy!!


Bride’s Name: Sharna
Groom’s Name: Daniel
Date of Wedding: 26th September 2015
Number of Guests: 80

The History….

How did you meet?
We met at a mutual friends wedding, although I don’t remember much of the wedding or Daniel that particular night as the alcohol was flowing freely. We met again shortly after when my friend introduced me to Dan on Christmas Day just before we were due to have lunch, she described him as ‘petrified of women’. Knowing this I was keen to just see how ‘petrifying’ I was and walked straight up to him and introduced myself with a big hug. Daniel went bright red and managed to stutter ‘Ive got to go’… and left. After that Dan returned and sat next to me all Christmas lunch bright red and silent. Dan and I ended up getting to know each other on a trip out to Gundi and ended up very close. I knew he was the man for me when I had a fall off a horse and he came over to make sure I was okay with a hamper full of my favorite things- tim tams, a horsedeals magazine, bundy rum and horse liniment.

How long did you date?
We dated for three years and then got engaged in 2014

How did he propose?
Dan took me out to his favorite block of land to ‘check fences’ and as I was unlocking the farm house he started a fire, lit candles, poured my favorite wine and knelt on the front verandah steps…. and stuttered those four words.


The Wedding…

What was your wedding date?
The 26th September 2015

Why did you choose this date? Any special reason?
We chose to get married then because we were the same age..  briefly. I didnt want to be a cradle snatcher. lol

Where did you have your wedding?
Mulgowie Hall

Was there any special touches, vows, traditions or tributes that you included into your ceremony?
I arrived on horseback… where I belong, Daniel arrived in his Landcruiser… where he belongs. And we married outside under a magnificent tree… where we belonged. The verses during our wedding ceremony were spoken in english, maori and german to signify our heritage.

What else can I say.. the wedding involved quads, guns, horses, milo and Landcruisers, horses and horse power!

If you could pick one special moment from the day to remember what would it be?
All of it, It was an EPIC day


The Gown….

Who designed your gown?
Allure Bridal

Where was it purchased?
Spurling Toowoomba

What was your gown shopping experience like? Was this dress the first one you tried on? Did you try on hundreds, loved it, hated it?
My dress wasnt what I thought i would wear, but i needed it loose over the hips and legs in order to ride. The lady in the shop suggested it and once i tried it on, I knew it was the one!

Where there any special details you included in your day? Did you borrow a piece of jewellery etc?
Grandmothers necklace, horse shoe charm from my friend Sam who married on the same day. We were cowboy boots… coz!

What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?
Old – necklace and handkerchief
New – dress boots
Borrowed- veil from my sister
Blue- garter

Did you have any DIY elements to your day?
Nearly everything was DIY… Best DIY item were the boys vests made by Shirley Mohr

If you could describe the overall theme of your wedding day what would it be?
Relaxed country celebration


Gown: Spurling Toowoomba
Suits: Handmade by Shirley Mohr, Jeans by Hannahs Toowoomba, Shirts by RM Williams, Boots were Ariat
Bridesmaids: Dresses by Forever New
Rings: Handmade by Laidley Jeweller
Hair: Monika Courtney
Makeup: Megan Courtney
Celebrant: Gail Roworth
Entertainment: Rob Murphy was the DJ. Stephen Gardiner was the MC/entertainer
Cake: My NZ aunty Julie and uncle Barry
Flowers/Florist: Toowoomba Flower Market
Transport: Landcruiser!!

How did you find your overall experience with the above vendors?
All were awesome!!



Do you have any advice for other brides?
If it ain’t sitting well, change it. It’s what you make of it…

What made your wedding day so memorable?
My Husband and my family… everyone was awesome

What was the funniest memory from your wedding day?
When Dan forgot his line!

What was the weather and location like on the day?
We had wind, rain, rainbows and more! Couldnt be more epic!!

If there was one thing that you would change from the day, what would it be and why?
Nothing, it was perfect

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Thailand and Kuala Lumpur


And here is a little highlight slideshow from Dan & Sharna’s beautiful country wedding!


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