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Nicole | Personal  | Ipswich | 31st August 2011

I just had to start with this shot, as by the end I thought I might of been looking the same! LOL!

My babysitting adventures with Miss Scarlett yesterday was quite an eventful one – we had leaking bottles, three outfit changes, a pram I couldn’t collapse, a car I forgot how to reverse and projectile vomiting (I think it may of been from my driving!)… My sister asked me to watch Scarlett while she attended to some business matters, so I jumped at the chance. Now I have looked after Scarlett before, but never for this amount of time involving feeds, prams and car driving! I have been changing her nappies since she was born, so I was pretty down pat with that, but had never given her a bottle.  And my, wasn’t that a drama. So when I arrived Scarlett was sound asleep so I thought I would grab the opportunity to photograph her peacefully asleep! ( I just can’t get enough photos of her!) but it was a bit too close to her feed time, so the above photo was the result!

So I popped her back into a new outfit and started getting her bottle ready. Bottle made so I get ready to feed her when I start and notice that more is going onto poor Scarlett’s chest then in her mouth. I hadn’t put the bottle together properly (or Kara didn’t tell me how to do it!) and it was leaking all over her! So I had to put Scarlett down (you know what its like taking a bottle from a baby – LOUD!) and call Kara to work out how to fix the leak! So an outfit change, a new bottle and all settled, Miss Scarlett was fed, burped and asleep again.

So she slept for a while and I started to get organized to meet Kara at her business and we would swap cars (I had hers with the baby seat and she had mine). So I attempted to break down the pram, but after asking Kara how to do it (and not listening) I couldn’t work out how to fold it down! So I googled the instruction manual and after about 3 attempts I finally had the pram in the car! Then the nappy bag, camera gear and my handbag went in. Lastly I securely buckled Scarlett in and ready to go.

So I am in Kara’s car (a manual) which I haven’t driven before and after switching to an auto earlier this year, it appeared that I had forgotten how to put her car into reverse. So after rolling it down the driveway and not being able to get it off the footpath, I tried to do a U turn in her front yard but got stuck. So I had to call Kara and ask her how to put her car in reverse (its a six speed manual with the reverse having to be pushed down and up!). So after I figured that out, we were off. A few bunny hops later we had arrived. I grabbed the pram, bags and finally Miss Scarlett who gave me a nice little vomit ( must of been from my driving) and we headed up to meet her Mum! I was exhausted! A comedy of errors really which Kara and I both giggled about and still giggle about now.

So that was my little adventure with Aunty Nic. Now hopefully next time I babysit her, I have already done everything wrong, so I will be a Pro the next time! To all those new Mums out there. I congratulate you! It’s crazy looking after a newborn and I think you all do an amazing job. Don’t worry I haven’t been turned off having kiddies.. It’s all part of the adventure!

Happy Thursday!!!

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