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Nic & Andy | Personal | Sydney | 4th September 2011

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be able to head down to Sydney for a long weekend. Andrew had been nominated for Best Hotel Chef in Australiasia and was in with a pretty good chance of winning. Unfortunately he didn’t win, but he did get highly commended (runner up) which is really nice that he has received some recognition for all of his hard work. It was great for us as well to get all glammed up and head out for a lovely dinner, and to also spend a bit of time in Sydney and catch up with some old friends.

While we were on the ferry over to Manly, I was thinking about how nice it is to take some Time Out. I know I don’t do it often enough. When you run a business from home, it is really hard to keep a work life balance. Its great for being flexible but the con to that is that you never really switch off. Lately things have been getting to me, so I have started to make some rules for  myself – no client phone calls or emails  after business hours, no reading facebook or emails just before bed and making sure I make time for myself by exercising, gardening or just doing something other than being on the computer for at least one hour of the day. I think when you become all work and no play, you aren’t doing yourself or your clients any good. If you have a good work life balance, then you can perform better on the job and leave everything else behind. (This is especially important for weddings!).

So I encourage you all to take some time out for yourselves. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I am working on it. What do you do to take time out for yourselves? I would love to hear from you in the comments section 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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