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Nicole Barralet | Personal | Out in the Switch | 3rd March 2010

Why is it that when the weather is bleak and dreary, that sometimes our moods can totally reflect that? Yesterday I had one of those days. The weather was rainy and a little bit depressing and I had just one of those days that nothing I could do or say was going to get me out of that mood. I don’t know what it was. I was c.r.a.n.k.y.. Not cranky at anyone or anything in particular… I think that I had just had enough, I just wanted to curl up under a doonah , eat chocolate and read a trashy magazine… so I did.. Did it make me feel better? Well yes, but I was still cranky. The only thing that helped was going to bed and waking up this morning. Well its still raining, but for some reason I am in much better spirits. I am a glass half full kind of a girl, so when I saw it was raining (again) I decided to take advantage of it, and get some more photographs. I haven’t taken photos like this in such a long time. I admit, I lost my motivation. But my recent freedom from employment has help changed my mantra.. and here I am back in the full swing of things… enjoy these raining day shots..

“Rain usually makes me feel mellow. Curl up in the corner time, slow down, smell the furniture. Today it just makes me feel wet.” – Jeff Melvoin

nicole xo

I love how the rain really enhances the colours of the plants. I think everything looks more vibrant and more photogenic after the rain.

This must be one of the world’s largest grasshoppers. Grasshoppers are everywhere at the moment and driving me insane eating my herb garden and all of the plants in the garden. This one had decided that my car was a nice place to hang out while it was raining cats and dogs..

I love these last two photos. The first one reminds me of a dreamy secret garden. The other photo is a close up of a sculpture I created back in high school. I love how the mirror reflects the surroundings.

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