Sirromet Wedding Photographer | Mitchell & Courtney

Mitchell & Courtney | Wedding | Sirromet Winery | 6th December 2014

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of finishing off the wedding season with the beautiful wedding of Mitchell and Courtney. I had been looking forward to their wedding all year, not only as I know Courtney’s family very well, but also I knew it was going to be an absolute dream to photograph – a complete floral fantasy! Even though the weather was less than co-operative on the day, it certainly didn’t put a dampener on the days celebrations. Kylie and I started the day out at Ipswich at Courtney’s family home where the girls were getting ready. Normally we photograph the boys first but as they were getting ready, it made sense to see the girls first. And Courtney had the most amazing details! An absolutely gorgeous Karen Willis Holmes gown, copper Givenchy heels, gorgeous antique earrings from Not Just Jewels, beautiful letterpress invitations from Bespoke Letterpress and the absolutely stunning flowers from the extremely talented Julie Vine. The girls were very relaxed with hair and makeup being finished as we arrived. Courtney looked absolutely stunning in her gorgeous gown and the flowers were just perfect! And the bridesmaids dresses were beautiful with their gorgeous lace features. Stirling, of course stole the show in his cute little vest and bow tie. After some gorgeous photos, we were off to Merlot House at Sirromet Winery to photograph the boys. Mitchell looks very suave in his Hugo Boss tux and the groomsmen were looking dashing in their vests and bow ties. It was a little more hectic at the boys as the ceremony was getting close and lots of people were arriving.

Mitch was a little nervous but before long, we were off to the Laguna awaiting Courtney’s arrival. Once Courtney arrived in their vintage Jaguars, Courtney’s proud Dad walked her down the aisle to Mitch. A beautiful ceremony was held with Emily Jade O’Keeffe officiating, a lovely fisherman’s knot ceremony, exchanging of vows and rings, Courtney and Mitchell became husband and wife! The fisherman’s knot ceremony was something that I hadn’t witnessed before and it had a beautiful meaning behind it. The fisherman’s knot is one of the simplest to tie, but it is one of the sturdiest, as stress is applied the knot becomes even stronger, much like what a marriage should look like. It was a really beautiful element to the ceremony. After their union was sealed with a kiss and the registry signed, it was off to celebrate! As the rain was starting to set in, we quickly did the group photographed followed by family photographs before it was time to head off around the vineyard for some bridal party portraits. As it was raining on and off, we were in and out of the cars to try and avoid getting too wet. The bridal party and Courtney and Mitchell were such troopers and the photographs were totally worth getting a little damp for.

It was time to head up to the Barrell Room to view the reception. Again, Julie and the team at Sirromet did an amazing job and a beautiful wedding cake from Cake That was a gorgeous centre piece of the room. The Barrell Room was completely transformed into a floral garden. With beautiful green trees and an abundance of beautiful flowers, Courtney and Mitchell’s guests were transported into another world. The reception was a beautiful 3 course dinner filled with lots of love, laughter and conversation, beautiful speeches, a gorgeous cake, dancing and a sparkler exit to finish.

A big thank you to Mitchell and Courtney for inviting me to be part of your wedding day. It truly was a pleasure and I felt like part of your family. It really is an honour to be able to document all of your family moments. I hope you enjoy your little sneak peek and I can’t wait to show you the rest.

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