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Zohie & Chad | Wedding | Spicers Peak | 25th March 2011

If you are looking for a small intimate, beautiful destination wedding in South East Queensland, then I would recommend Spicers Peak Lodge at Cunninghams Gap. Back in March I have photographed the beautiful Zohie and Chad’s wedding day. The day was picture perfect and the location made the perfect backdrop to one of the most beautiful wedding days that I have ever photographed. I interviewed Zohie about their big day and here is their real life wedding story…

How did you meet and how long have you known each other?

Zohie: I met Chad when I started working for his sister 10years ago. We had been dating for 6 years before we married

How did he propose?

Zohie: Nice, low key proposal at home, mid week which was perfect as I knew he had the ring because we got it made. He was a little disappointed that it was not going to be a surprise for me though…… So for a whole week once we had collected the ring he was teasing me about when and how he would finaly propose, he hid the ring all over our unit and booby trapped things so he could tell when I had been hunting for the ring while he was at work. It was our own private joke in a way and we had so much fun together. Every day the ring turned up in another unusual place .

Finally one morning he surprised me when we got down on his knee while I was getting ready for work and asked me to marry him. I never expected it but it made it so beautiful being in our home and a fun lead up to it. I have always dreaded making a scene in a public place and having other people around to see, this was just perfect for me and a real surprise. You really don’t need to spend a lot of time and money planning these things sometimes to make them amazing and special


Gown: Bought online from USA, brand not available in Australia apparently (David Tutera)
Suits: Hugo Boss
Rings: Engagement ring and Grooms wedding ring were made by “Ashley Douglas Jewellery Design” Upstairs in Brisbane Arcade Queen st Brisbane. Wedding ring from “Diamonds international” , Westfield Carindale
Accessories: Borrowed- shoes from best friend and ear rings from sister
Hair: Jaffa’s Hair Design, Stanley st Woollongabba
Makeup: Base Young Blood liquid mineral foundation& Hi Def powder, Eyes Lips and cheeks – Jane Iredale mineral make up
Ceremony: Spicers Peak Lodge Cunninghams Gap at Maryvale
Celebrant: Sandra Petersen
Reception: Spicers Peak Lodge – 7 Course Degustation menu
Number of Guests: 23
Entertainment: Baby grand piano, Ipod and a beautiful coy bar around a stunning fireplace
Cake: Made as a wedding gift by Ian Phillips (Brother in Law)
Bonbonerie: Mint and Turkish delight chocolates in an organsa bag
Flowers/Florist: Kate Dawes Flowers, Lower River terrace at Kangaroo Point
Transport: Hertz Hire Car – 2 x 12 seater mini buses as no one knew where the wedding would be held. All guests arrived at one location and were transported together to the secret wedding location
Honeymoon: 4 days Tasmania

How did you find your overall experience with the above vendors?

Zohie: Absolutely perfect, I would not change a thing! Flowers were a surprise on the day as I did not know what I wanted so I gave a few pictures that I kind of liked and said “you decide what you think” to Kate ….. WOW she was spot on and really knows her stuff and her customers! Hair was so good, loved every bit of being in their salon, lovely quite and professional. They did a terrific job as I had already had two trials done elsewhere and just was not happy. This was the one thing I was more nervous about than anything else.

Spicers Peak Lodge has made a lasting impression on every one of our guests, It was a real “once in a lifetime” experience for many of them as we decided to pay for everyone to stay one night with us at the secluded and luxurious destination. It was truly all about us with not a single other person around except a few staff to look after us and treat us like we were royalty. Possibly the closet thing I will ever get to being like a celebrity.

Do you have any advice for other brides?

Zohie: Relax and don’t take it all so seriously. Things will often happen and certain elements might not go to plan and in the big picture it really does not matter, it should be really enjoyable organising your special day. But most importantly KEEP IT SMALL, INTIMATE and PERSONALISED if you don’t want stress. Your closest family and loved ones will not judge you, they will simply enjoy sharing the special occasion no matter what you choose to do.

What made your wedding day so memorable?

Zohie: All my family together for the first time in 7 years. The big thing was also the secret wedding location. It was so much fun for everyone as we sent out a riddle of clues which my husband wrote and they all were trying to figure out where it was. They were getting so into it which was wonderful to see. One of the biggest bonuses though was that no one else could try to interfere and put forward their opinions and suggestions as it was just my husband and me who knew any of the details about the day.

What was the weather and location like on the day?

Zohie: OMG, the most perfect sunset they had seen at Spicers Peak lodge (all the staff were out taking photos of the day and wedding as it was quite a unique sunset. Whole day was picture perfect weather. If anything it made it slightly difficult for the photographer to shut out some of the glare. It turned crisp and quite chilly at night and then we were all inside for the reception and the fireplace was magical.

If there was one thing that you would change from the day, what would it be and why?

Zohie: I would have asked for a late check out for us all so we could have enjoyed the venue for a  little longer rather than having breakfast and then rushing to get out on time OR an early check in so everyone relaxed a little more including us before the ceremony. I would have also allowed a bit more time getting there as road works held us up slightly on the way there and we were all so excited to find out where the location was so we started getting a little edgy sitting in roadworks.

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