Sunshine Coast Workshop | A Matt & Katie Workshop

At the beginning of last week, I had the pleasure of heading up to the Sunshine Coast with Mel (from Chantily Lace Photography) to attend the Matt and Katie workshop. It was an amazing three days, and only now I am wrapping my head around everything that I have learnt both on a professional, business and personal note. It was such an intense three days, but I am so glad that I took the time off to invest in my business. Just the week before the workshop, I was feeling a little bit in meltdown mode – just a combination of different things (both personal and business) and I was in dire need of some inspiration and motivation to get my business rockin in 2014.

It is so hard to put into words what I got out of the workshop…. there were so many things. The first and foremost was inspiration and motivation. Matt and Katie have worked hard, been through some hardships and have come out on top and now they want to help and inspire other photographers to run a successful photography business. One of the main business highlights for me from the workshop was that I know have a checklist of things I need to do in order to create a systemized business approach that reflects the photographer that I am and want to be. You may of notice a few little (dramatic) changes to my website from the weekend. This was one of them. I have been talking about a rebranding and streamlining the type of shooting that I want to do for a little while and attending the Matt and Katie workshop gave me the confidence to trust my gut and just go with my new branding. It is a little different to what I had before, but I think it is more of a reflection of who I am now as a photographer and as a brand.

As for a personal highlight from the workshop, the biggest takeaway that I received from Matt and Katie was that in order to be able to achieve all of your dreams, you need to run a rockin business, then you can live a remarkable life (as you have the money and the time to do so) then you can change the world. For me this was massive. My personal life had affected my business dramatically over the past six months and it has been a struggle for me to be motivated and inspired to move forward. I was stuck.  I would starting thinking about making changes in my business but I was becoming overwhelmed and then I would just move onto the next client job that needed to be done. So moving forward this year, I need to implement the changes that I learnt, so I can run a rockin sustainable business to be able to achieve and fulfil all of the dreams that I have outside of my business. I finally feel like I have real direction again.

Matt and Katie are amazing photographers, teachers and people. The work that they are both doing in Nepal and Cambodia is truly inspirational. I only hope one day I can contribute as much as they have. Actually, I look forward to the day where my business is rockin so I have the ability, time and money to do more for the world. Unfortunately Katie was unable to attend the workshop as she was hit by a car just before New Years and is still recovering from her injuries but Matt did an amazing job bring Katie’s point of view into the workshop. And the work she is doing in Nepal is amazing, inspiring, heartbreaking, life changing kind of stuff. Everyone in the room (even the guys) where in tears when we were listening to Katie’s Nepal story. So moving. Matt is an amazing teacher. One of the most frustrating things about attending different photography workshops is that you talk about everything on a philosophical level and people talk about their success, but they never tell you HOW they did it. Matt and Katie were an open book and really gave us all the tools and direction of where we can improve our business (in priority order) and in a way that I could understand. I already have my notes typed out, checklists printed out and a massive to do list to implement. I have never been as motivated or well equipped leaving a workshop.

As well as learning all of this amazing photography/business stuff I also feel like I have made a bunch of new photographer friends. Everyone of the attendees were lovely and all came from different backgrounds and are in different stages of their photography career, but were so open, honest and willing to share anything and everything. I feel like I have 14 new friends!!! And of course it isn’t a photography workshop without a photo shoot so here are a few photographs of some of the gorgeous couples who modelled for us on the beach last Tuesday afternoon. They were all awesome!!!

Thank you again Matt and Katie for an amazing workshop. And Katie we are all sending you our love and prayers for a speedy recovery. I am so glad that I spent the money and invested in such a great workshop to start the year. If you are another photographer reading this blog post, then you need to sign up today. What you will spend you will get back ten fold. It’s life changing.


And here is a group shot taken by Lachlan (Matt’s little brother)


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