Teneriffe Portrait Photography | Shoot for Fun!!

Nicole & Priya | Portraits | Teneriffe | 12th April 2011

On Tuesday afternoon Priya and I headed out to “Shoot for Fun”.. By this I mean, Priya shoots and I have fun.. Well I am slowly in the process of updating my branding and refreshing my website. A key ingredient to this is having some photos of me (I know, run and hide lol!) doing what I do. I really feel sorry for Priya. I am the worst person in front of the camera. I giggle, much around, pull faces and believe that I am the worlds greatest model (I SO AM NOT!!) but I just generally love goofing around. I guess it is weird when you are behind the camera all of the time, you forget everything you tell your clients and just get nervous (well thats what I did anyway). So to all my future clients, I know exactly how you feel when you get in front of my camera. I only hope you can be assured that I will make you comfortable, look awesome and have a great time..

Here are a few of the crazy faces Priya had to put up with.. Now don’t judge the quality.. these were taken on my trusty iPhone4.. don’t you just love technology! (Don’t worry, I don’t use my iPhone for my portrait sessions, I have an AWESOME nikon for that!!)


So as you can see, I am a complete nutcase when it comes to being in front of the camera.. As well as being a model for the day, I also was sneeky enough to sneek in a few photos of the lovely Priya.


Oh and just because it is Friday and I love the water, here is a shot of the view from one of the woolstores in Teneriffe.. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!!!

Nicole xo

Live. Laugh. Love. Create.

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