The 2012 Nikon Event | Hunter Valley… My Thoughts

Nicole | Business | Hunter Valley | 30th August 2012

Well, what an amazing 5 days it has been. I am sitting here in the Cypress Lakes Resort bar about to begin a post about my experience here in the Hunter Valley and the only word that I can think of to sum up my experience here is grateful. I am grateful that my business has allowed me to fund this amazing photography conference (so thank you my beautiful clients). I am grateful for new friends. One of my goals for this year was to push me out of my comfort zone, to do something different, to come to a conference in the Hunter Valley, not knowing a single sole and see what happened. I am grateful that everyone was so warm and welcoming and that I only felt like a nigel  no friends for 5 mins on Sunday morning. I am grateful for the amazing speakers who came from far and wide to share their experience, talk about their journey, inspire us to be better, be different and step outside our comfort zones. I am grateful for the workshops I attended and the new friends I made on the winery tour.

The Nikon AIPP Event is a 4 day conference that the Australian Institute of Photography (AIPP) puts on every year to inspire and education professional photographers from all around the country. There were even some photographers who traveled from NZ and Asia to attend the conference. Each year the conference takes place in a different state to bring diversity and a different experience to each event. Next year it will be in Hobart. I can’t wait! I have already added it to my 2013 calendar.


There are so many things that I could talk about from my experience here, but I will just tell you all about a couple of highlights that have left a great impression on me and where I want to take my business.

Matt & Katie

Matt and Katie are unbelievable photographers, teachers and just great people. I was lucky enough to listen to their keynote presentation as well as be one of the lucky 10 to attend their workshop yesterday afternoon. The biggest thing that I have learnt from them is to be myself, build my photography business to suit me and my personality, simplify my business and be creative in the art of business. Instead of just another lecture for our workshop yesterday, they changed it up and helped us put a plan together to put everything we have learned in the past 4 days into an action plan. So that’s what I did. I am sooo excited to see the changes that I am planning to implement and I am excited to see where it takes my business. I want to thank them publicly for being so open and honest and be willing to teach other photographers to be awesome. I think we need many many more people like this in the industry and I can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

The Bebbs

The Bebbs are Canadian Wedding photographers who flew their family all the way out here just to speak to us. They are incredibly passionate about running a business and are very successful in doing so. The biggest things I learnt from them was to be just as creative and passionate about business as we are as photographers. Run your business to create a life you have always dreamed of, be innovative, be creative and just do something different. Their enthusiasm for running a business while raising a family has inspired me to focus creatively on my business, set a schedule and enjoy a work life balance.

Marcus Bell

I was lucky enough to listen to Marcus’ keynote presentation as well as attend his workshop. The biggest thing that I learnt from him was to appreciate the importance and significance of what we do as wedding and portrait photographers. The photo we might happy snap at a wedding, might be that person’s last ever photograph with them. Wear your heart on your sleeve, focus on relationships and capture what is important to your clients. If you are not passionate and understand the significance of the privilege we have on a wedding day, then we are doing our couples a disservice. Powerful stuff.

There were so many more speakers that have inspired and impact me as a photographer from the last 4 days. I could go on and on. But these 3 gave me the most impact and inspiration to move forward in my business and actually make a plan of what I want to achieve. My to do list is already sitting at 47 and I have 5 solid goals with deadlines for me to achieve. So keep an eye out, there will be many changes happening here, all for the better.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!



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