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Nicole Barralet | Personal | Christchurch | 11th – 15th March 2010

As well as beautiful architecture and quirky alleyways, Christchurch had some real characters floating around. While Andrew was off visiting some old mates at the Christchurch Club, I walked around the beautiful city camera in hand ready to capture some beautiful moments. One of the characters that I wish I would of been able to photograph was a man that had his face covered in tattoos. I wasn’t sure if they were tribal, but boy did this man look scary. He had a really intense look on his face. I wish I would of had the guts to ask him for a photo, but I was too scared that he might rob me or something.

So I became more of a photojournalist and documented some of the people around town I found. Here are a few of my favourite shots.


Nicole xo

In the square, there is a large chess game in which anyone can play. These two old guys where sitting there watching
and commenting on all the moves of the game being played.

Here are another couple of characters that I saw out and about in the square. The man on the left was playing amazing songs on his little recorder. I think he was blind, but he could really play the recorder. On the right is one of the priest’s from the Anglican church in the square.

While we were walking through the botanical gardens, we came across this painter. It was awesome to see this in such a public place. People were asking him about his art. He was quite good. It was nice to see art out and about in the community and creating discussion.

I was quite fascinated with this guy. Who was he? Why was he busking on the street? How did he learn to play the recorder like that? After I took this picture, I walked around the corner, looked back and all of a sudden, he started singing in this really deep operatic voice. It was amazing. I love street culture. Note to self… I think I should start a project documenting buskers and why they are doing what they do. Do they do it for love? for money? or just purely for the enjoyment of the public?

Someone stole my camera.. and took these piccies. Thanks Andrew. xo

So I stole the camera back and took this one! Its one of the few he likes. Funny note, Andrew hates having his photo taken. I tell him to suck it up, as I am a photographer and its what I do!! One day when he is old and grey, he will be used to me taking photos of him..

Snap!! Us heading along the avon river outside the strip. (The strip is a street lined with pubs). Sunday arvos are great as they have a live band on the side of the street where we are standing for all of the pubs to enjoy. Awesome idea!!!

A few happy snaps.

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