These boots are made for walking….

Nicole | Personal| In my studio | 8th April 2010

I have been wanting to photograph these little boots for a long time now. I had them sitting out on my “props” pile and some amazing light was coming through the window, so I grabbed my camera and starting shooting. I inherited these shoes from an old vintage suitcase I was lucky enough to receive from my grandma’s house. When I looked inside the suitcase, these little shoes were rolling around in them. They are just so adorable. We think they belong to my Dad or my Uncle.. but we are not really sure. All we know is that they are about 60 years old. They just don’t make little shoes (or big ones for that matter) like this anymore. They are made out of leather and have little wooden soles. Even the heels have been nailed on, as you can see them exposed when you look at them. These are just such a precious little heirloom. Many new steps would of been taken in these shoes. The beginning of a life.. a life that would of looked completely different to what it does today. So much simpler…

But I guess…

“You’ll never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” – Unknown

Happy Thursday!

nicole xo

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