Toowoomba Engagement Photography | Natalie & Wade

Natalie & Wade | E-Shoot | Toowoomba | 30th August 2013

On Friday afternoon, I headed out to a beautiful family owned farm just west of Toowoomba for the beautiful engagement session of Natalie and Wade. You might remember the wedding competition that I ran earlier in the year, well Natalie and Wade were our lucky winners! Their proposal story was just so beautiful, and the perfect time. Late last year, Natalie suffered a spinal stroke which left her without any feeling from the neck down. Since then, she has been learning to how to walk again. Her dream is to walk down the aisle to meet her handsome groom. And Natalie is well on her way. The path hasn’t been easy and it’s been lots of ups and down, but with her determination, she is starting to walk again, if only for a few steps and with crutches. Natalie is amazing! Throughout the entire session, she had a beautiful smile on her face and wasn’t letting the fact that she had been handed a curve ball in life get her down. And Wade. Watching Wade with Natalie was just so beautiful. They share a love so rare that as a photographer I only come across every now and then. He has stood by Natalie through the toughest year that they have ever faced together, been her protector, comforter and no doubt personal cheer squad. It was so beautiful to watch the interactions between them both. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year. I know it is going to be an amazing day one filled with so much joy and love. But for now, enjoy a sneak peek of their gorgeous engagement session.

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