Travel Photography | Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

Nicole | Personal | KL | 15th-23rd March 2011

On our last night in KL after two massive days, we decided to head out to Chinatown (Petaling Street) for some great people watching, good food and some crazy market bargains. Peak hour traffic in KL is insane. You don’t go anywhere, so we decided to catch the monorail 2 stops and head to Petaling Street. The monorail was also pretty crazy. We had to wait for two monorails to come before we could be packed in like sardines and ride our two stations. It was cheap, but a little crazy. I had never been a sardine on public transport. It was quite interesting. Just had to watch out for pick pocketers.

So we headed into Chinatown on the search for some great food. We were craving duck and there is no better place to get duck then in Chinatown. We found this awesome little place with tables in the street, sat down, ate, drank beer and people watched. I love people watching. There is such a mix of cultures in KL and Chinatown certainly brings out some more of the eccentric types. It was quite entertaining watching the hawkers try and bargain customers down. I love walking around the markets. It is a visual playground with lots to see and do.

Here are a couple of shots from my point and shoot camera of some of the colourful scenes within the markets.



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