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Picture this:

You’re engaged, you’ve chosen your bridal party, and the wedding planning has begun. The excitement builds as everything starts coming together; that special date circled on your calendar fast approaching. And whilst you’ve been busying yourself with the long list of tasks that go hand-in-hand with organizing such a large event; those beautiful bridesmaids of yours have been secretly planning something too.

Because what else goes perfectly with weddings?

One last hurrah as a ‘single’ lady spent with your closest friends and family, of course!

However, this begs the question – how do you want to spend your final fling before the ring? Hens party, bridal shower or kitchen tea? To help you decide, Bec of For Every Hen discusses the three options below.


Held during the day, a ‘Kitchen Tea’ is generally a fairly relaxed affair where your closest friends and family (including your groom’s family) gather to share advice regarding the kitchen, play a couple of fun games, and enjoy some refreshments, light meals and/or high tea. Guests may also bring along small gifts suitable for the kitchen in a bid to help set up your marital home. 

This type of celebration is fantastic for grandmothers, aunts, parents and younger family members due to its PG nature; and whilst a Kitchen Tea was traditionally reserved for female friends and family only, the guest list is entirely up to you (so feel free to invite your closest male friend/s if you wish!).

When it comes to location, the beauty of hosting this type of event means you can have it wherever you like (just make sure it’s a venue that you feel comfortable celebrating, gigging and telling stories in!). Whether this is a cafe, restaurant or house depends on your budget and the style of party you’re after.

Handy Hint:

A wonderful and very useful Kitchen Tea activity involves asking each guest to write down their favourite recipe prior to the event; then bringing it along with them on the actual day. Once everyone’s arrived, collect the recipes and stick them into a scrapbook or album (you could even place a photo of each guest next to their recipe if you wish – instant cameras are great for this!).


Basically, a ‘Bridal Shower’ involves a relaxed celebration during the day with your closest friends and family (including your groom’s family). Similar to the Kitchen Tea, a few fun games are played, light meals or high tea is enjoyed, refreshments are served, and advice regarding marriage, the kitchen or the home is shared. Guests’ may also take this opportunity to ‘shower’ you with gifts; however unlike the ‘Kitchen Tea’ where such offers are reserved for the kitchen only, gifts at a ‘Bridal Shower’ can be used anywhere in your home.

Again, this type of celebration is fantastic for grandmothers, aunts, parents and younger family members due to its PG nature. Traditionally, it is also a female-only event; however as mentioned earlier, who makes it on the guest list is entirely up to you!

Whether this event is held at your maid of honour’s house or your favourite cafe down the road – you’re going to have an amazing time. Just make sure the venue is somewhere you feel comfortable having a laugh, sharing stories and letting loose (just a little bit!).

Handy Hint:

A fun activity and beautiful keepsake all in one! Simply ask each guest to write down their favourite memory involving you onto a piece of paper. Have a bridesmaid collect the memories and, one-by-one, read them aloud. You must then try and guess who each memory belongs to. After the shower, stick each of the memories into a scrapbook or photo album; a lovely souvenir from a wonderful day!


In contrast to the relaxed, family affairs offered above, a ‘Hens Party’ is often quite the risqué adventure!

Generally beginning with some drinks, nibbles and ice-breaker games; the hens party will soon move on to an activity or two (which could be anything from a group dance class to a strip show), followed by more food and even more drinks. By the time all of the pre-planned shenanigans have finished, you can expect your group to be well and truly in party mode – so be prepared for celebrations that could go well into the small hours of the morning!

As this type of celebration can be quite revealing at times, you have to be comfortable with those in attendance. Hence, inviting close friends and, if you don’t get embarrassed easily, family, is a safe bet. This is definitely not the type of event for youngsters (and your grandmother may not appreciate an invite either!).

When it comes to location, hen’s parties differ greatly. That being said, they almost always begin at a meeting point where guests’ can get to know one another (anywhere from a house or hotel room to a winery) before the real partying begins.

Handy Hint:

‘Before’ and ‘after’ photos make for some hilarious keepsakes of your night. Simply take a picture of each guest as they arrive, holding a blackboard that says ‘before’; and another photo as guests’ leave (this time holding a board that says ‘after’). Stick each guest’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo next to each other in a book and TRY not to smile or laugh when looking back at it!


If a particular style of celebration jumped out at you, make sure you let your bridesmaids know as soon as possible. This will not only give them enough time to plan something truly special for you, but also ensure that you don’t end up being whisked away on a hen’s party when what you really wanted was a bridal shower (or vice versa). 

Likewise, if you would love to have a more relaxed celebration during the day (that your beautiful friends AND family can attend) before moving on to some mischief in the night; give your bridesmaids a heads up so that they can plan accordingly.

Whether you decide to go for a casual high tea or a cheeky night on the town, it’s sure to be an event to remember!

How do I know this?

Because when you’re surrounded by all of your incredible girl (and guy!) friends at the same time, fun and laughs WILL be had – no matter where you are or what you’re doing!


Designed to make hens party planning as easy as possible, For Every Hen offers tips, tricks, activity ideas, stylish (& cheeky) products, and more – staying true to our slogan: ‘all brides are unique. Their hen’s party should be too. From chic to cheeky; everything you need to throw an amazing party… for EVERY hen!’

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