Wedding Photographers Brisbane | How to Choose Your Wedding Photo Location Style

Where should we get married? That is one of the biggest decisions you have to make as part of your wedding planning. And it really comes down to personal choice and what identifies with you. Are you beachy kind of people? Do you love your food and wine? What scenery appeals to you? Is there a location that means something to you? These are all contributing factors in choosing a location. Another big factor is working out what kind of photos you would like. This can help in choosing a venue.

Here are few different types of wedding locations:

• Gardens

• Homestead

• Beach

• Golf Course

• Country/Bush/Farm

• Scenic – Hinterland

• Race Course

• Urban City/Restaurant/Cafe

• Winery

At the end of the day, an incredible photographer can make any location look amazing. It really just comes down to personal choice.

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