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One of the only factors that you really can’t control on your wedding day is the weather. My biggest piece of advice as a photographer is just to embrace the weather no matter what happens. Sometimes the best photographs come from the craziest wedding.

However here are a few things to consider and plan for if the weather is looking questionable:

1. Ceremony Location

If you are planning on having your ceremony outdoors then you need to be prepared for wet weather. Whether this means that the venue you choose has a wet weather option or you have a second venue close by that you could go to if the weather is wet or stormy.

2. Umbrellas

Another thing that is always handy to have even if you don’t use them is a set of umbrellas for every member of your bridal party. Most of the time just a light sprinkle of rain is completely ok to be out and about taking photos.

3. Shoe Choice

If it’s wet or if it has been raining heaps in the lead up to your wedding day, think about your shoe choice. There is nothing worse stilettos in mud.. so grab some fun gumboots and make the most of it.

Again, no matter what the weather, just embrace it and trust your photographer. They will have your back and work with whatever the weather throws at you to create magic.

And if nothing else, you will have an epic story to tell when you remember your wedding day.

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