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Today I wanted to share a gorgeous abstract photograph from Brendan & Jackie’s wedding. As a wedding photographer you are always looking for different and interesting ways to photograph and tell your client’s stories. I believe this is possible by capturing a wide variety of photographs including an abstract photo or two. An abstract photograph can make a great album cover and it still portrays a sense of feeling. In this photo you can feel the love and the warmth of the moment (from its golden tones), you can see the connection between Brendan & Jackie as they hold hands and you can tell we are in a rural setting by the long grass and open paddock. A beautiful story from such a simple abstract shot. What do you guys think? Do you like having an abstract photo or two as part of a full wedding collection?

If you are getting married and would like to own a beautiful collection of photographs that remind you how you felt on your wedding day, then Get In Touch with Nicole now. We would love to chat to you more about your wedding day plans.

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