Wedding Photographers in Brisbane | How Much Time Do I Need for Photos?

A wedding is a whirlwind of events, gone in the blink of an eye. As wedding photographers one of the most popular questions we get asked is how much time do I need to allow for photographs? So we would like to make the process a little simpler by our wedding day photo time line. It is only a suggestion, so we are happy to work in with your plans, but if you would like to maximise your photography time, then here are our suggestions.

groom getting ready photos


As the groom has less to do in preparation for the ceremony, we photograph his preparations first. Generally we need between 45mins to 1hr to capture the boys details, them getting ready, group shots and of course some shots of the groom looking handsome. If the groom’s parents are ready and present during this time, we will capture a few shots of the groom with his parents. If not, we will do this prior to the ceremony beginning.


The time it takes to travel from the groom’s location to the bride’s location. We also allow an extra 5-10mins in case of any traffic dramas.

bride getting ready photos


We generally spend a little longer with the bride as there are more details (flowers, shoes, dress, jewellery, perfume) and getting ready shots to photograph. Then we capture some gorgeous groups shots, portraits of the bride looking stunning and a few shots with the bride and her parents.


The time it takes to travel from the bride’s location to the ceremony. We like to arrive at the ceremony a little bit earlier to capture guests arriving, introduce ourselves to the celebrant/pastor and if the reception is being held at the same location we will photograph the room details then. Again we allow an extra 5-10mins in case of any traffic dramas.

beautiful ceremony moment photo


Depending on the type of ceremony that you are having the length can vary. We are always generous with our timings here as we like to give you time to be congratulated by your family and friends at the end of the ceremony.


Once you have been congratulated by your friends and family, we will gather everyone for a group photograph before we start family photographs. We will work off the list of photographs that you provided us. We will try and be as methodical and quick as possible.


If we are traveling to a different location for your location photographs we will have to allow some time to get your bridal party into the cars and the time it takes to get to the location.

bride groom wedding day photos


We like to allow at least 1hr if you are traveling to another location/s for your location photographs. If you would like to go to multiple locations 2-3 max locations then we would recommend at least 2hrs.


The time it takes to travel back from your location photos to your reception venue. We try to arrive a little bit before you are due to enter the reception.

wedding reception photos


Depending on whether or not you are having reception coverage, we will arrive back a little earlier to photograph a mock cake cut and first dance if we are not staying for reception coverage. If we are photographing the reception, this will give you a little time to freshen up before you make your grand entrance. We will then photograph the night and it’s events as it unfolds.

Remember this time line is only a guide and we like to be as flexible as possible with our couples to ensure that they get the most out of their day and also the best possible photographs.

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