Wedding Photography in Brisbane | Top 5 Tips for Choosing Your Getting Ready Location

A common question that I get asked as a wedding photographer, is what makes a good getting ready location for photographs? Here are my top 5 tips for choosing your prep location:

1. Window Light

If you are getting ready in a house, hotel room or airbnb have a look around and see if there are big windows in the rooms that will let natural light come in. This is awesome for us photographers especially if it is raining.

2. Balcony, Patio or Covered Area

If you are getting ready at home and don’t have a lot of windows (or they are tinted) then have a look to see if there is a under cover area that we could use for photos. These generally have lots of natural light and again are perfect for wet weather.

3. Clutter

I know I know, things get messy when a bunch of girls (or guys) get together. Think about keeping at least one room (preferably with the most amount of light) clean to use for your photos. My personal preference is to find a clean wall to capture beautiful portraits on, but sometimes this is hard.

4. Check Out

If you are renting or hiring somewhere for the day/night/morning try not to have to check out before you have to leave. This can cause unnecessary stress for you and your bridal party. Just stay the extra night and clean up the mess the next day. Or if you do have to check out due to location, have someone there who can tidy up, pack the bags in the car and do a room check to make sure nothing is left behind. That way the bride and bridal party can focus on photos and getting the bride to the ceremony.

5. Proximity

If you can, choose a getting ready location not far from the ceremony. That way you don’t have to worry too much for travel time and can get ready that little bit later.

So there you have it my top 5 tips for choosing a getting ready location.

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