Weddings at Tiffanys Photographer | Ramon & Sheydin – A Real Life Wedding Story

Late last year I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous wedding of Ramon & Sheydin up at Maleny at the gorgeous Weddings at Tiffanys. It was such a beautiful day, surrounded by friends and family and so much love. And the weather, held off just enough for us to get some gorgeous photographs before the heavens opened up and the rain fell. I absolutely love sharing the perspectives of my gorgeous couples and their experiences leading up to the wedding. So here is Ramon & Sheydin’s real life wedding story – as told by Sheydin.


The History….
How did you meet?
Ramon and I first met at a church youth rally on the 22nd February 2014. We had both been tossing up whether to even go to it that day, but had both decided last minute that we should go, and as a result both turned up late. I was with a friend who knew Ramon, and as we arrived we ran into Ramon, his sister Cassie and their cousin Rachel. We were all introduced to each other, and then decided to sit together as a group. After church we all went back to our friends house for lunch and we got to chat a little more. It wasn’t until a month after that that we saw each other again or actually had a decent conversation though. Just goes to show that being late to something isn’t always a bad thing! haha

How long did you date?
11 months (although, technically it was actually 4 days less than that haha)

How did he propose?
I was at Ramon’s family’s house throughout the afternoon of the day that he proposed. Ramon was running late coming home from work (turned out he was actually late because of the setting up though, not because of work), so I was filling in time on Facebook. While looking on Facebook I found out that it was free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s, so made a mental note to tell Ramon when he got home so that we could go and get free ice cream. Once Ramon got home, I told him my idea, he thought it sounded great, so we left. Just up the road though, I realised that the ice cream had actually run out, so he said he would turn around. Lucky for him, the closest place for him to turn around was actually on the street where we had just bought a block of land where we were planning to build a house. Next thing I know he is saying that he has something to show me, proceeds to drive up into our driveway and there he had the cutest little area set up ever. A mattress, blankets, pillows, red roses, a fire, lanterns surround it; the words! As soon as I saw it I started crying and we hadn’t even got out of the car yet! Ramon then lead me over to the spot, said a beautiful little speech which made me cry more, then got down on one knee and proposed with the most stunning ring ever! We then spent the rest of the night relaxing by the fire, eating our picnic dinner which he had organised, and calling our family and friends to tell them the exciting news. It was perfect! 🙂

And clearly he had never intended on ever taking me to get ice cream; instead I had just given him the perfect excuse to drive to our block without me even knowing! haha


The Wedding….

What was your wedding date?
Ramon and I got married on the 15th November 2015

Why did you choose this date? Any special reason?
No reason in particular. But we had always wanted to get married in Spring, and as my parents were off travelling around Australia for all of September and October; November ended up being our only choice. We were happy with most of the Sunday’s in November, but preferred the 15th because that just seemed to work best with everyone’s prior commitments, and the 15th was free, so it all worked out 🙂

Where did you have your wedding?
We had both our ceremony and our reception at Weddings at Tiffany’s in Maleny. It is sooo beautiful up there!


Was there any special touches, vows, traditions or tributes that you included into your ceremony?
Yes, there were a few. Ramon’s dad organised a group of our close family and friends to sing and play a live song for us during our signing of the registry. Ramon’s sister Cassie (who was also one of my bridesmaids), one of our groomsmen Ryan, one of our church pastor’s Lachlan, a close childhood friend of Ramon’s Sina, and one of Ramon’s cousins Andrew (who also did our videography), were all a part of the group.
Ramon and I also chose to write our owns vows  for the ceremony. Instead of doing them completely separate, we each wrote our own list of all the things that we thought were important to include, then worked together to combine them so that we could both say the same vows to each other. We each added in some small differences here and there, but we thought it was really special to have worked on them together and written them ourselves.
Finally, I wore my grandmother’s wedding ring (from my Dad’s side of the family) as my ‘something old and borrowed’, which has actually been passed down through a couple of generations now and was just over 99 years old on our wedding day.

If you could pick one special moment from the day to remember what would it be?
Both of us really struggled to even come up with anything for this as the whole day was so special for both of us.
But if we HAD to chose, for me (Sheydin), it was seeing the look on Ramon’s face when he looked at me throughout the ceremony. I was getting all teary and emotional every single time that I looked at him, so I kept looking around at other things to try and compose myself. But it was as if Ramon never took his eyes off me once, and it was absolutely beautiful. I just knew that I was marrying someone who really, truly loves me and is my absolute best friend. Even one of my bridesmaids noticed and commented on it after the ceremony was over and said that the look on his face was what made her cry. I am so blessed! 🙂

And for Ramon, it would be the moment when the staff shut the chapel doors as the cars arrived with the bridesmaids and I in them. He said that that was the moment when he got extra nervous and excited because he knew that I was just on the other side of the door and would be walking down the aisle any minute 🙂


The Gown….

Who designed your gown?
Mia Silano

Where was it purchased?
Luv Bridal at Robina on the Gold Coast

What was your gown shopping experience like? Was this dress the first one you tried on? Did you try on hundreds, loved it, hated it?
I absolutely loved my gown shopping experience and wish I could do it again, just to try on all the pretty dresses! haha I had actually spotted my wedding dress on Luv Bridal’s Facebook page MONTHS before Ramon proposed and absolutely LOVED it! So I knew that it was definitely one that I wanted to try on, but I was also preparing myself for the fact that it may not look as good as I was imagining it to be once I actually tried it.
Once we got engaged though, I went shopping two days later on a Friday, and the first place I went to was Luv Bridal to try on the dress and get it out of my head. I absolutely loved it!! As it was the first dressed I tried on, I decided to still continue the day trying on other dresses at Luv Bridal and some other stores around the place, but I kept comparing every single dress to that first one. I knew it was the one, and placed my order for it on the Monday!

Were there any special details you included in your day? Did you borrow a piece of jewellery etc?
On the morning of the wedding, Ramon had a present dropped off to me and gave me a beautiful charm bracelet with two charms that he had picked out especially. One was in the shape of a love heart that had “my best friend” engraved on it, and the other was in the shape of a house with a separate tiny dangly key to symbolise the fact that we were building a house that had “sweet home” engraved on it. So I ended up wearing that as part of my jewellery for the day and I loved it!

I also had my wedding shoes (which were originally an ivory satin) coloured to match the dusty purple of my bridesmaid dresses by Jannusch Shoe Repairs in Toowoomba.


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?
As I mentioned earlier, I borrowed my grandmothers wedding ring as my ‘something old’ and my ‘something borrowed’ that was just over 99 years old on our wedding day which felt really special to be able to wear on our big day.  On the sole of my shoes, I added stickers that said “He’s mine” on the bottom that were spelt out in blue diamantes, and put matching ones that said “She’s mine” on the bottom of Ramon’s shoes, so that if we knelt down you could see the writing. These stickers acted as my “something blue”. As for the “something new” I just counted my wedding dress and the new necklace and earrings that I bought to coordinate as my new thing.

Did you have any DIY elements to your day?
Leading up to the day, I designed and made my own wedding invitations. As for the actual day, I designed/created my own guest seating board to direct the guests to their correct tables which coordinated with the invitations that I had made. I also hand painted all my MDF brown wooden table numbers to be white and sparkly, as long with our “Mr and Mrs Salomon” writing that we had along the front of our bridal table. As favours, we had our guests take a cupcake from our wedding cake home, which were placed in pretty little laser cut shimmery white boxes which we ordered as flat packs and had to assemble ahead of time. We also ordered personalised tags for each box that said each guests name on them, and then ‘Ramon and Sheydin 15 November 2015’ underneath the name, which we attached to each box and had sitting at each of the seats as the name tags to tell our guests where to be seated.

Our venue predominately took care of our centrepieces for us, but as we wanted our flower centrepieces to be placed on mirrors, we bought our own mirrors along ahead of time, and also some small acrylic diamantes to sprinkle around on the mirror in between the tea candles to create some pretty reflections.

If you could describe the overall theme of your wedding day what would it be?
That’s a hard one. Probably classic and elegant with a bit of sparkle.


Gown: Mia Silano – Luv Bridal Robina
Suits: Van Heusen – Brisbane Airpot DFO store
Bridesmaids: Jadore – Ferrari Bridal and Formal Wear Maroochydore
Rings: Diamonds International – Chermside
Accessories: Bride’s Necklace and Earrings: Mano – Chermside. Bride’s Hairpiece: Lovisa. Bride’s Bracelet: Thomas Sabo. Bridesmaid’s Bracelets and Earrings: Colette by Hayman
Hair: Evalyn Parsons Hair – Moffat Beach
Makeup: Tasleema Nigh Makeup Artist – Sippy Downs
Ceremony: Weddings at Tiffany’s
Celebrant: Our church pastor – Francis Pule
Reception: Wedding’s at Tiffany’s
Entertainment: Ramon’s dad and our friends/family
Videographer: Ramon’s cousin Andrew Hunt
Cake: Cupcake Elegance – Glasshouse Mountains
Bonbonerie: Cupcake Elegance – Glasshouse Mountains
Flowers/Florist: Weddings at Tiffany’s
Transport: Our own private cars
Stationery: Designed and created by myself

How did you find your overall experience with the above vendors?
All of our vendors were absolutely amazing!! So kind and helpful, and really listened to what we wanted at every turn.



Do you have any advice for other brides?
Try not to stress out about all the little things. I know that everyone says that and that it is virtually impossible at times, particularly when you are a perfectionist like me. But at the end of the day, you will have the absolute best day of our life, and you will have done all you can do by then, so just enjoy it. Yes, little things may go wrong on the day, they did for me, but you will be the only one to notice and it won’t even matter. You’ll be married to our best friend and that’s all that matters 🙂

What made your wedding day so memorable?
That is was so full of love, fun and laughs. Looking back through our weddings photos, just about every single photo involves everyone laughing. All. The. Time. And if we weren’t laughing, we were crying (in the good way). It was great! The day was light hearted, funny, happy and we had great speeches. Ultimately, it was just really nice to have all of our family and friends from both sides altogether in the once place so that we could all have a great time together.

What was the funniest memory from your wedding day?
The whole day was full of funny moments and laughs, but we think the funniest bit was probably Ramon’s mum’s speech. It had absolutely everyone at the wedding in stitches and we loved it!


What was the weather and location like on the day?
We couldn’t have asked for better weather! The day started off nice and bright and sunny with blue skies. By the time that we were heading to the ceremony, the sky had clouded over quite a bit, but it was great for the fact that we were all in dresses and suits with multiple layers. Made the day so much cooler and I don’t think any of us felt hot or sweaty once, which was fantastic! It also made for great lighting and effective backgrounds in our location photos as you could see the storm come in behind us. We had a fairly heavy lot of rain in the late afternoon, but we managed to get through all of our photos and to pile all of the wedding party back into the van just before the rain bucketed down on our way back to the venue. By the time that we reached the venue and needed to get back out, the rain stopped again. We were so blessed!

If there was one thing that you would change from the day, what would it be and why?
We’re not really sure that there is anything that we could or would change… The only thing we could think of is that it would have been nice to have more time in the day somehow. The whole day just flew by so quickly! So it would have been nice to have more time to enjoy being with everyone for a little longer 🙂

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We went to Thailand for roughly two weeks – spent the first week in Koh Samui, and the second week in Patong, Phuket. We then spent about three days in Singapore on the way back home. It was an amazing trip!


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