Wednesday Goodness…

Nicole | Personal | In My Head | 14th April 2010

Today has been a good day. Good in the sense that I feel like I have a plan. I see where I want to go and now I just need to take the steps in order to get their. Starting your very own business can be hard. There are a million and one things to think about, do and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. I had one of those days yesterday. I was flat. I was miserable and somehow the universe reflected that in the dull, grey, drizzly weather that resulted. To top off my “great” day yesterday I decided to stack it a good one in a carpark pothole. So good that I now can hardly walk and have a swollen bruised knee and ankle. Positive side, I woke up this morning (besides the aching ankle) with a fresh renewed sense of energy. My mind felt clearer. I can see my vision, I can see how I am going to get there. Just one small (hoppily) step at a time.

So I thought what better thing to do, then write a post for my blog. One good thing has to come from bed rest and owning a laptop! So here are a couple of shots I have randomly snapped over the last couple of days.

And to finish my post with a quote…

“Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t… YOUR RIGHT!” – Henry Ford

Powerful stuff. It got me thinking, the only thing holding me back is me… and I CAN DO THIS!!!

Happy Wednesday.

Live. Laugh. Love. Create

nicole xo

Another Tilley shot. I am captivated by her and I always try to find new ways of photographing my precious labradorable!

Darcy May.. She is such a beautiful girl.. when she is not grumpy that is!!

Finally a couple of self portraits. In the late afternoon just outside my office, there is a beautiful stream of afternoon sunlight that glistens for about half and hour before it goes behind the trees. I have been wanting to do some shoots with it for a while, but never had the chance. So the other day I seize my moment and took a couple of quick self portraits. I quite like them. Something a little different and I can’t wait to photograph someone else in this beautiful afternoon gold!!

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