Heading Down to Hobart | The AIPP Nikon Event 2013

Nicole | Personal | Hobart | 23rd June 2013

Over the past week I had the pleasure of heading down to Hobart (via Melbourne) for the AIPP Nikon Event. The Event is an annual photography conference held in a different city around Australia each year. The conference is run by the Australian Institute of Photography and the amazing events team bring in amazing speakers from in and around Australia as well as international speakers. We had some amazing international speakers this year – Michael Kenna, Blake Discher, Bella West, Flavio Bandiera and the amazing Jennifer B Hudson! I took something amazing away from each and every speaker that I listened to. Jennifer Hudson really made an impact on me. There was so many things that I identified with in her journey, especially the tough last year and I really realised that I need to create more personal photographic art as an expression for all of the emotions swirling around in me that I can’t put a voice to. I didn’t realised I needed to do this until I listened to her keynote. I already have some concepts in mind.

As well as listening to many amazing speakers, I was also lucky enough to attend a workshop with the amazing Barb Uil from JinkyArt! We had such a beautiful afternoon in Richmond (just outside of Hobart) with an amazing river location and 4 brothers to photograph in vintage pjs! It was a fantastic workshop and I really admired the imagination that Barb has and how much of that she puts into her work!

As well as the speakers, the trade show and the workshop, I must admit the social events this year were fantastic!!! I absolutely loved going to Mona (Art Gallery) for the first night cocktail party, and that third door on the right certainly was a talking point. It was great to be pushed outside of our comfort zone and step outside of the box. The artwork at Mona is quite controversial and confronting and not for the faint of heart. It was certainly interesting seeing the ideas of various artists from around the world. The Nikon Dinner and of course the gala dinner were also fantastic nights!! A big thank you to the team who put all of their time and energy into organising the event. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. I walk away from the event every year, thankful for being part of an organisation that is so supportive of it’s members and the openness and friendship that I received from other photographers who attended the event was something that you could never place a dollar value on. I feel so much gratitude to walk away know I made at least half a dozen new photographer friends!! I can’t wait until next years event!! I don’t care where it is… I WILL BE THERE!!!!!

And lastly, it can’t be a blog post without some photos. Melinda from Musie J & Chantilly Lace Photography, who comes out and second shoots with me at some of my weddings, also attended the event and we were roomies. One of the mornings, we decided to head out and about in downtown Hobart to photograph each other. It was such a valuable experience being in front of the camera again. Even just to know how much I have learnt about posing my own body after telling my clients during their sessions. And yes, I am a total goof ball in front of the camera. I certainly think I made a few people driving by laugh…. Here are a few of her amazing shots!! Thanks for being an awesome roomie… but not so much thanks for sharing your cold!!!

If you are a photographer and are thinking about attending the event. Do it. It is totally worth the investment and you get so much more than learning out of the event  – friendships, inspiration, courage, new experiences. Things that you could never put a price on!

There is a slight story to the below image… While I was away I was on a bit of a selfie spree on Instagram and I was turning it up a bit for Mel during our shoot!

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