Woodlands of Marburg Wedding Photography | A Real Life Wedding Story – Justin & Taylor

Just over a year ago, I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful wedding of Justin and Taylor! It was such a magical day. Here is their real life wedding story as told by Taylor.

Date of Wedding: 19th of August 2017
Number of Guests: 300

The History….

How did you meet?

When I was half way through my training to be a police officer, I completed station duty at Ipswich Station and was assigned to a team.  I was introduced to “JB” and almost blushed and had to look away because of how good looking he was.  Little did I know that he thought the same thing about me.  I spent 2 weeks at Ipswich station and left thinking that I would probably never see him again.  About 3 months later I was told that I would be completing my probationary year at Ipswich station and my training officer would be JB.  I couldn’t believe my luck!! Needless to say, I was a little excited, as was he.  We spent the majority of 4 weeks together every day getting to know each other as friends which then blossomed into an amazing relationship.

How long did you date?

Justin and I dated for about 6 months before we got engaged.  We were then engaged for about a year before we tied the knot.  We both knew that we had ‘found the one’ and didn’t want to wait any longer to start our lives together.

How did he propose?

Justin and I went to Maleny and had the most beautiful cabin with a fire on a rainy day overlooking beautiful scenery.  Justin proposed to me whilst inside the cabin and only a minute later we got told that we would be moving to Cairns for the next 3 years.

The Wedding….

What was your wedding date?

19th of August, 2017.

Why did you choose this date? Any special reason?

No special reason at all, we just wanted to get married as quick as possible, as we were so excited to be together, and this date was the earliest date possible.

Where did you have your wedding?

We had our wedding ceremony and reception at the Hatton Vale Apostolic Church, which was very special as Hatton Vale is where I spent many weeks growing up on holidays and it has also been part of my church life since I was born.  Hatton Vale also is one of the most beautiful church’s in the world!! Although, I may be a little biased (lol).

We were also lucky enough that we had a second reception with close family and friends at Woodlands of Marburg, it was nice to be able to wind down after such an overwhelming day and relax with our closest friends.

Was there any special touches, vows, traditions or tributes that you included into your ceremony?

As the church ceremonies are very traditional there are not many things that you are able to change about the ceremony or add any personal touches however it doesn’t make it any less special.  I was very lucky to be able to have my priest, dad, uncle and my grandfather speak at the ceremony and give Justin and I all the love, support and advice that we will never forget.

If you could pick one special moment from the day to remember what would it be?

I think the highlight would be seeing the look on Justin’s face while I sang to him at the reception.  The look of love and emotion on his face is something that will stay with me forever.

The Gown….

Who designed your gown?

My gown was designed by Madeline Gardener and her brand is called Morilee.  I had full length lace sleeves added to the dress for the day which happened to match perfectly thanks to my seamstress Ella Moda.

Where was it purchased?

I bought the gown from White Lily Couture which is located in Milton.

What was your gown shopping experience like? Was this dress the first one you tried on? Did you try on hundreds, loved it, hated it?

I originally tried on a dress which I absolutely fell in love with, however no one else was so keen on it.  I then went to White Lily with my mum, sister and cousin and tried on my dress.  I wasn’t overly in love with it, as the colour was more of an off white and I absolutely hated the straps.  Of course, my mother loved it and the wonderful sales attendant found the some sleeves to go with it.  I still wasn’t sold however, everyone else loved it and said ‘it’s the one’ so naturally, I went with what they said.  A few fittings later and I was absolutely in love and couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle in my dress.  I also had so many compliments on the day about how beautiful my dress was.

Where there any special details you included in your day? Did you borrow a piece of jewellery etc?

I wore my grandma’s engagement ring on my right hand which was really special as my grandad passed away before I was born, so I felt like I had a little bit of him with me for the day and I also wore a brooch which one of my bridesmaids had given me for the day.

Did you have any DIY elements to your day?

My amazing mum made my bridesmaids bouquets for the day after buying them from the flower markets.  They were so beautiful and you wouldn’t have known that they weren’t done professionally.

If you could describe the overall theme of your wedding day what would it be?

I wouldn’t say that there was necessarily a theme, I tried to keep the day quite light with pinks and gold and the flower arrangements on the table.


Gown: Morilee by Madeline Gardener
Suits: YD
Bridesmaids: Zimmermann
Rings: Michael HILL
Accessories: Collette
Hair: Maria RIVERA
Makeup: Maria RIVERA
Ceremony: Hatton Vale Apostolic Church of Queensland
Reception: Hatton Vale Apostolic Church of Queensland & Woodlands of Marburg
Cake: Tanya Katt
Flowers/Florist: Brisbane Flower Market

How did you find your overall experience with the above vendors?

I was quite lucky that I didn’t have to do a lot a planning as I am currently living in Cairns.  My mum with the help of other people organised the majority of the wedding and dealt with the vendors/catering etc.  Justin and I arrived from Cairns three days before the wedding and went to Woolworths to collect the order of Apple and Guava juice for the punch, only to be told they had ‘forgotten’ about it.  Justin and I drove around to 5 separate Woolworth’s to track down enough juice for the punch *sigh*.


Do you have any advice for other brides?

My only advice would be to relax and not sweat the small things.  On our wedding day, I have never experienced such a windy day in my whole life, however I tried to just take it in my stride and enjoy it as just another part of the day.  If you spend the whole day stressing and worrying about little things that are unavoidable, you will go the whole day worrying and before you know it the day is gone.

What made your wedding day so memorable?

I cannot pinpoint anything that stands out as the entire day was so special, however asking my husband this question as I’m drawing blanks he said “seeing my beautiful wife walk down the aisle”.  Adding to that, it was quite emotional seeing the man of my dreams standing there waiting for me with tears in his eyes.

What was the funniest memory from your wedding day?

After signing the marriage certificate and walking back into the church Justin stepped on my veil almost pulling it out of my head in front of the entire congregation.  Needless to say, he got a very dirty look.

What was the weather and location like on the day?

Apart from the horrendous wind, the weather was quite enjoyable.  We were lucky enough that it didn’t rain and it was about 24 degrees so not too hot for the boys in their suits either.

If there was one thing that you would change from the day, what would it be and why?

I don’t think I would make any changes, as the day was really quite perfect, only that if I knew how windy it would be I might have worn my hair up!!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Straight after the wedding Justin and I went to New Zealand for 1 week and drove the majority of the North Island, which was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  In four days we are leaving to go to the States and Canada for 4 weeks which we have had planned for almost 10 months and the time has finally arrived.  We wanted to do something special and small straight after the wedding which is why we went to New Zealand.  It turned out to be the perfect getaway.

A few kind words about Nicole…

Nicole is a one in a million photographer.  She fills the day with her beautiful energy and happy vibes.  You can tell that Nicole is having as much fun behind the camera as you are having in front of it!  Rain, hail, shine or wind in our case, Nicole will use it to her advantage to capture perfect moments that we can now look back on of our special day.

Thank you both for asking me to capture your wedding day, it was such a privilege to capture a beautiful collection of photos to remember your day by.

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